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Now available | WINFAP and ReFH2 network and cloud-based licensing exclusively from Jacobs

Fast. Accurate. 
Cost effective.

Rely on a world-class integrated solution for all your flood modelling needs

Hydrology+ is here!

Accurately model multiple sources of flooding within one software solution

Image of surface water flooding
An overflowing manhole cover

Rivers and coasts

Surface water

Drainage systems

Accurately model water levels and flows in open channels, floodplains, reservoirs and estuaries

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Quickly calculate water depth, velocity and flow paths using our powerful 2D solvers

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Model sewer and other urban drainage systems and how they interact with surface flows

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Everything you need

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Easy to use.

Cost effective.





What our customers say

"Flood Modeller was the standout choice for multiple reasons including its widespread adoption throughout the industry, its powerful capabilities, and user-friendly interface

Simon Stoate

Principal Consultant, Lustre Consulting

Read our case studies

London river scene

Enhancing your flood risk assessments

Learn how Oakshire Environmental enhanced their Flood Risk Assessments and Flood Mitigation Options Appraisals.

Dubai cityscape

Improving your 2D urban flood modelling

Learn how our 2D modelling helped with the delivery and commissioning before the opening of the EXPO in Dubai.

Sydney harbour

Accelerating integrated 1D-2D modelling

Learn how Flood Modeller has been used to simulate combined fluvial and direct rainfall flooding in the Parramatta River, Sydney, Australia.

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