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Spending too much time and money on your FRAs? Need to secure regulatory approval fast?

Take control of your project delivery. Flood Modeller allows you to quickly and confidently undertake your Flood Risk Assessments from just £150 per month.

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Discover why we're the software of choice for flood modelling 

Learn everything you need to know about Flood Modeller in just 30 minutes.

✔️Powerful hydraulic simulations

✔️Advanced 1D and 2D solvers

✔️GPU and cloud-based functionality

Access everything you need to model rivers, sewers, overland flows and rainfall-runoff

in one package

Access a GIS interface, suite of numerical solvers, wide range of hydraulic structures and the latest hydrological methods.

Cost-effective licensing 

From just £150/month, we offer monthly and annual subscriptions,  lifetime licences, and four editions of the software.

Quick to learn and intuitive to use

Benefit from a detailed knowledge base, extensive training programme and a  dedicated support team.

Trusted by government

Software of choice for SEPA (Scotland), Natural Resources Wales, OPW (Ireland) and the Environment Agency (England).

Accurately model multiple sources of flooding within one software solution


Rivers and Coasts

Accurately model water levels and flows in open channels, floodplains, reservoirs and estuaries

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Surface Water

Quickly calculate water depth and velocity for fluvial, overland, estuarine and coastal applications

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Drainage Systems

Model sewer and other urban drainage systems and how they interacts with surface  flows​

" We use Flood Modeller for most of our modelling and it is our software of choice for fully hydrodynamic modelling in our national forecasting system "

Simon Lewis

Senior Technical Advisor

Environment Agency

Confidently assess the impacts of climate change

Trusted by organisations across the globe to understand future flood risk.

Why Flood Modeller

Flood Modeller provides everything you need in one package, including a powerful suite of numerical solvers, a wide range of hydraulic structures, and access to latest hydrological methods​






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Enhancing Your Flood Risk Assessments