Confidently understand flood risk and develop optimal solutions to manage the impacts of climate change.

Now available! Upgrade to Flood Modeller 5.0 and access over 50 new features and enhancements.

Be confident in your modelling results

Confidently model river, floodplain and urban drainage systems using Flood Modeller’s industry leading solvers. Subjected to extensive testing and benchmarking, for over 40 years, Flood Modeller is one of the fastest, most accurate and robust solutions available.

Independently benchmarked

Government approved

Fast and robust solvers

Model river channels

Model drainage systems

Model surface water

Take your modelling

to the next level

Combine surface and sub-surface flow within a single, intuitive interface. Use Flood Modeller's 1D river solver to model channels, or its 2D solver to model surface water flow, whilst linking to the 1D urban solver to model the interaction with and the impact on the drainage network.


Improve your understanding of flood risk

Use the fully integrated capabilities to model the river, urban drainage and surface water flood mechanisms across an entire catchment.


Accelerate your model development

Try out the enhanced productivity and efficiency features to automate your model build.


Enhance your modelling experience

Benefit from our user-friendly modelling environment to quickly build, run and visualise your models.

Quick to learn and

intuitive to use

Seamlessly switch to Flood Modeller and benefit from our user-friendly GIS interface where you can build, run and visualise your models. Access a wide range of learning resources to get you started, register for one of our free webinars or attend an online training course to fast track your learning.

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User-friendly interface

Online learning resources

Webinars and  online training

Asset 5.png

Automate model build

Accelerate run time

Quickly communicate risk

Improve productivity and efficiency 

Streamline your modelling with Flood Modeller’s extensive toolbox. Save time and money on your projects by simplifying the building, running and visualisation of your models. 

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Our industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers are some of the

fastest and most robust

solutions available.


Structures, including weirs, sluices, orifices and bridges are available, and incorporate operational control rules.


A range of hydrological and

tidal boundaries are included, providing inflow data for your 1D or 2D models.


A GIS-like, user-friendly

interface that delivers an intuitive environment for building, running and visualising models.


Integrated with third-party software, you can incorporate existing models and systems directly within Flood Modeller.


A wide range of tools are available, allowing you to streamline your projects, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Rely on a responsive

team of experts

Our dedicated team of experts are on hand to give you the support and guidance you need. Whether you’ve got a question about a particular feature, need us to help troubleshoot a model or are unsure which licensing solution is most appropriate for your business, we’re here to help. 

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Dedicated support team

Telephone and email support

Extensive user manual

Asset 6.png

Reduced simulation time

Access unlimited licences

Charges by the minute

Accelerate your project


Integrated with Flood Modeller, our award-winning Flood Cloud service enables you to seamlessly run your flood modelling simulations in the cloud. It empowers users to run compute-intensive simulations faster, at greater scale, and more cost effectively than ever before.

"We use Flood Modeller for the majority of our flood risk modelling and it is our software of choice for fully hydrodynamic modelling within our national real-time flood forecasting system. We find the software fulfils our key requirements of being fast, stable and accurate."

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