Deliver faster and more accurate results using our enhanced river, surface water, and urban drainage modelling software. 

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Everything you need
one package

Seamlessly combine surface and sub-surface flows within an integrated GIS environment. Flood Modeller’s industry-leading 1D and 2D solvers allow you to quickly and confidently undertake integrated catchment modelling, removing the need for third-party software.

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Be confident in your modelling results

Developed and independently benchmarked for nearly 50 years, Flood Modeller is one of the most accurate solutions available. Trusted by government agencies, utilities, insurers and consultants across the globe, you can confidently understand flood risk and manage the impacts of climate change. 

Quick to learn and

intuitive to use

Flood Modeller’s user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and intuitively, build, run and visualise your models. To help you get started, we provide a range of free learning resources – including user guides, webinars and videos to fast track your learning as well our CIWEM approved training courses and dedicated support team. 

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Accelerate your project delivery

Save time and money by improving the productivity and efficiency of your modelling. Flood Modeller empowers users to run simulations faster, at greater scale, and more cost effectively than ever before by harnessing the power of GPU hardware and cloud computing capabilities. 

Cost-effective and flexible licensing 

Available from £125 per month! Simply choose from four editions and select a standalone or networked configuration. We offer monthly and annual subscriptions as well as lifetime licences.

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