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Attend one of our CIWEM-approved training courses and fast track your way to success using Flood Modeller

Introduction to
1D river modelling

Take part in our introductory course which is designed to develop your 1D modelling capabilities using Flood Modeller. You’ll be taught about the wide range of features and tools available in the software, allowing you to build and run your own model.

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Introduction to 2D modelling

Sign up for our introductory 2D modelling course which is designed to expand upon your existing 1D modelling skills using Flood Modeller. You’ll be shown how to use all three 2D solvers as well as being introduced to 1D-2D modelling.


Advanced Flood Modeller

Enhance your modelling capabilities by registering for our advanced course which is designed for experienced users wishing to further their knowledge of Flood Modeller. The course is aimed at those involved in the development and review of hydraulic models and focuses on model diagnostics and debugging, advanced structures and automation tools.

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Introduction to
1D urban modelling

Learn how to build, run and review you own
urban drainage model, and integrate 
Flood Modeller’s 1D river solver to model channels, or its 2D ADI solver to model surface water flow.


Bespoke training

A cost-effective solution for companies wishing to train a small team. Bespoke training courses can be delivered at a date and time convenient for you, saving on travel expenses as well as time away from the office. 


Upcoming courses

Online Course

8th & 9th February 2022

Introduction to 2D modelling



7th & 8th March 2022

Introduction to 1D river modelling



22nd March 2022

Introduction to 1D urban modelling


Customer feedback

"I found the Advanced Flood Modeller course very useful and learned a great deal about the software. The content was very good and course leaders were very helpful."

Ryan Hanley

"I thought it was a very useful course which covered everything I needed it to and expected. The instructor went through things at a good pace giving lots of opportunities to ask questions."

Environment Agency, England