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Learn how Lustre Consulting developed their flood modelling capabilities by choosing Flood Modeller

by Simon Stoate, Principal Consultant at Lustre Consulting

As a company looking to expand its capabilities to include flood modelling, at Lustre Consulting we needed to ensure we’d choose the right software to give us the right tools to deliver for our clients as well as allowing the company to grow its capabilities in a cost-effective manner.

Flood Modeller was the standout choice for multiple reasons including its widespread adoption throughout the industry, its powerful capabilities, intuitive and user-friendly interface, as well as the ability to upgrade the software as our projects and requirements evolve.

Initially, with limited sized projects requiring flood modelling, the Lite version of the software was ideal for our project requirements. As our capabilities have grown, we have upgraded to the standard edition. All our queries were quickly answered along with all the different options, such as hiring or purchasing. The upgrade itself has gone very smoothly and has been a very cost effective way in developing the Water Team at Lustre Consulting.

Due to its intuitive layout, Flood Modeller is extremely easy to use allowing flood models to be setup quickly and easily. This is invaluable for Lustre Consulting when introducing flood modelling to junior team members. The software makes it very easy to display, analyse and extract data from the flood model, which provides an easy and effective way to communicate the flood model results to relevant stakeholders and regulators.

Flood Modeller has a vast array of tools to assist in flood modelling, hydrology and scenario building, which helps makes the whole process organised and effective. The inclusion of the 1D urban solver allowing for full integrated modelling provides us with the certainty that we can enhance our offering to our clients.

One of the main selling points for Lustre is the proactive team developing Flood Modeller. We knew that by investing in Flood Modeller, Lustre Consulting would not only have world class flood modelling tools, but that Flood Modeller would allow us to deliver our projects in the most effective way possible.

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