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Flood Forecasting

Much more than a flood modelling application...

Combine the technology behind Flood Modeller with weather forecasts and get real-time flood forecasts.

Our solutions enable customers to save lives, respond to flood incidents, protect assets, and plan safe evacuation.

We provide the public and communities with timely information enabling them to be prepared for flooding.

Aerial view of river
Dramatic waves crashing into lighthouse

National flood forecasting systems

Flood Modeller is used within real-time national flood forecasting systems throughout the world to gain accurate and detailed insights on the likelihood, location and timing of flooding. This information can then be disseminated to the public and partners via multiple communication channels.

The latest advancements in our 2D GPU solver now make it practicable to undertake 2D real-time forecasting. The Environment Agency (England) have already adopted this in their national flood forecasting system.

Trusted and proven:

Providing forecasts for >20 years

Integrate with your own solutions or 3rd party platforms such as Delft-FEWS

Accurate analysis completed in minutes

Multiple sources of flooding - 1D river, 1D urban, and 2D surface water

Low-cost licencing (benefit from Run Licence)

7 days a week support available

Flood forecasts for asset owners

We can provide web portals to meet specific client needs and monitor 1,000's of assets to the level of detail needed to make informed operational decisions.

Gain forecast insights days before the event, with hourly or daily updates.

Accuracy of forecasts can be continuously improved using our AI technology.

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Asset performance monitoring

Aqua DNA is our intelligent digital solution that collects live data and improves wastewater network performance using smart sensors and AI-powered predictive analytics to reduce risk and make a positive societal and environmental impact.

Aqua DNA seamlessly captures thousands of data points every second and analyses them in real-time. Consistent, timely data enables Aqua DNA to recognise operational patterns and asset performance in the network, identifying conditions that lead to flood incidents earlier than ever before.

When integrated with Flood Modeller or other hydraulic modelling applications, Aqua DNA provides both predictive AI and near real-time forecasts to optimize operational control of networks.

Incident planning

If you are a local authority, emergency responder, or have a high value asset that could be at risk of flooding, then we can help with flood incident planning.

Using the data and technology from our StreetLight product team we can plan safe evacuation routes. For the U.S. we have developed a map of communities with fewest exit routes per resident.

Our data and technology make it possible

Understand how people move and combine this with an understanding of flooding

Analyse traffic and keep the community moving in times of crisis

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