Flood Forecasting

Confidently predict flood risk hours or days ahead

Flood forecasting is an essential component of flood risk management to reduce the impact of flood events. Early warning is crucial for efficient emergency response and contingency planning.

Key facts

  • Integrate Flood Modeller's 1D and 2D solvers within 3rd party real-time flood forecasting platforms

  • Fast run times, accurate and robust

  • Option to run fully hydrodynamic and routing models, or a combination of the two, to improve forecasts

  • Ability to accept real-time inputs of discharge, water level, structure control, and observed levels for updating

  • Moveable structures can operate in time or automatic control; can also switch between the two

  • FEWS Adapter enables full compatibility for Flood Modeller models to be run within the Delft-FEWS forecasting system

Jacobs' flood modelling software, Flood Modeller, is currently used by a range of agencies and infrastructure owners to forecast where flood risk is likely to be. This allows them to prepare to respond and take effective action to prevent or reduce the impacts of flooding.

All natural forms of flooding can be forecast, including river, surface water, tidal/coastal and groundwater. Flood Modeller is designed to rapidly and robustly perform the calculations required to predict water levels and flows as a result of rainfall and/or extreme sea levels hours or days ahead. It allows the user to forecast water levels and flow rates with confidence, depending on availability of data and response time of the system.

Flood Modeller is the standard flood forecasting tool for government bodies in six countries, including in the UK, where there are currently over 500 operational models used by the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. A Flood Modeller adapter is available to allow Flood Modeller models, both 1D and 2D, including FAST, to be implemented within the well-established Delft-FEWS real-time forecasting system, developed by Deltares.

Flood Modeller models run quickly, accurately and robustly, and are able to incorporate near real-time data to help provide as much lead-time to decision makers as possible. 

The Flood Modeller model is readily scalable, enabling high volumes of models, e.g. ensemble forecasts or Monte Carlo simulations to be run in the cloud.