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Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Extensive Toolbox

Access a wide range of easy to use tools which are designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of your modelling.

Python API

Increase your flexibility and accelerate project delivery by integrating your own custom tools and workflows with Flood Modeller's API.  Find out more

Flood Cloud

Seamlessly integrated with Flood Modeller, Flood Cloud is an innovative service that enables you to run your model simulations in the cloud. It empowers users to run compute-intensive simulations faster, at greater scale, and more cost effectively than ever before. Find out more

Flood Viewer

Non-technical users can now view and interrogate model and other flood-related data effortlessly, without the need for third-party software.  Technical users can share information quickly, whilst representing flood information in an interactive way, enabling better decision-making and more effective stakeholder engagement. Find out more

Damage Calculator

Quickly assess the overall economic impact of flooding on a catchment, allowing you to better understand the severity of a flood event. It also allows you to calculate risk to life data. Find out more

Batch Runner

Quickly build and run a batch of simulations, providing results faster and more efficiently. The simulations are run concurrently or sequentially depending on the available processors within your computer and the number of simulations available within your licence. Find out more

HEC-RAS Import

Import cross-sections defined in HEC-RAS models, automatically converting them to Flood Modeller 1D cross sections, reducing the time and effort required. Find out more

Results Extractor

Quickly and efficiently gather, organise and validate complex model results and reduce the likelihood of user error.  Turn 1D results into 2D flood extents using built-in post-processing tools. Find out more

Health Check

Audit your model by automating more than 50 types of checks on your 1D river models. Quickly identify consistency errors, allowing the modelling process to be streamlined, reducing model build times. Find out more


TUFLOW users can dynamically link to Flood Modeller and benefit from the GIS interface, extensive range of structures and leading 1D river solver. Find out more

Plus 100s of other tools to improve the productivity and efficiency of your modelling!

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