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Get your flood modelling results in hours not days

Seamlessly integrated with Flood Modeller, Flood Cloud is an innovative service that enables you to run your model simulations in the cloud. It empowers users to run compute-intensive simulations faster, at greater scale, and more cost effectively than ever before.


When speed matters

Accelerate the running of  simulations and get results fast. Our pay as you go service enables you to instantly access unlimited computing resources, delivering the step change needed for better analysis and design.

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Automation is key

An automated solution that manages the entire process at the click of a button. From uploading the data at the start of your project to downloading the results at the end, Flood Cloud manages the entire process.   


For greater analysis

Undertake greater analysis, enabling improved calibration, and a better understanding of uncertainty. It allows more options to be assessed, enabling better design and more effective flood defences.

Until recently the required outputs from flood modelling were typically selected water levels and flood extents from a handful of simulations. Now, a much richer set of results are required, perhaps covering ten or more annual exceedance probabilities, with various climate change scenarios and a range of flood management options. This, together with the move towards detailed 2D modelling, has resulted in a step change in the computational resources needed to undertake flood modelling.

Flood Cloud provides the solution by providing an infinitely scalable resource pool of on-demand processors and software licences. Once you have set up your model locally, you can send it for processing on high performance hardware in the cloud directly from within Flood Cloud. If your simulations are grouped together you can instantly start all of these runs concurrently on dedicated machines.

Run a model with multiple parameters to better understand uncertainty, whilst improving confidence and model suitability, or improve calibration through greater exploration of parameter values.


Flood Cloud allows you to run multiple design options to help you optimise design parameters or scale up your processing power and move from deterministic event-based analysis to probabilistic analysis and continuous simulation.

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Empower your team with Flood Cloud


Quicker results

Access high performance hardware on-demand, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your software by running more concurrent simulations.

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Greater analysis

Don't be restricted to modelling single storm events. Run hundreds of scenarios  at once to obtain greater analysis and confidence in your results.



Perfect for organisations with growing or fluctuating project demands. Simply scale up your processing capacity with a click of a button.


Available 24/7

Accessible when you need it, at any time, from anywhere in the world - your projects can continue to run beyond your regular working day.


Reliable and secure

Hosted by Google Cloud, it is not prone to in-house IT challenges. It provides a secure platform, ensuring your data and personal details are safe.



Our flexible pay-as-you-go pricing structure makes it even easier for you to plan, manage and deliver your projects.

How much does Flood Cloud cost?

Flood Cloud is a pay as you go service which charges by the simulation minute. It uses a credit-based system

allowing you to purchase your preferred package in advance - ensuring you keep within budget.


Credits are purchased in packages, with usage charged from 0.04 credits per simulation minute.

5,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 5,000 credits which is ideal for
smaller projects and provides up to  2,000 simulation hours.
£5,000 GBP
0% discount applied
10,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 10,000 credits to run large numbers of simulations and provides up to
4,000 simulation hours.
£9,500 GBP
5% discount applied
20,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 20,000 credits which is perfect for multiple-user accounts and provides up to 8,000 simulation hours.
10% discount applied
£18,000 GBP
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