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Learn how Oakshire Environmental enhanced their Flood Risk Assessments and Flood Mitigation Options Appraisals

by Louis Turner, Chief Technical Officer at Oakshire Environmental

Following our decision to offer site-specific flood modelling to inform and enhance our Flood Risk Assessments and Flood Mitigation Options Appraisals, we researched the available flood modelling software and it was clear early on that Flood Modeller was the industry gold standard.


Initially, the majority of our projects did not require flood modelling software, so we were concerned that being burdened with a lengthy license agreement would not be cost effective and wouldn’t allow us the flexibility to effectively only pay for what we use.


Flood Modeller's monthly subscription option solved this problem, while still allowing us to upgrade to an annual or lifetime license that would reduce the effective monthly cost when our usage increases.

A recent example that highlights some of the features we have utilised within Flood Modeller is a project to identify and assess the nature of flooding at a public park and determine a suitable strategy to mitigate this flooding and increase the usability of the site for the public during flood events.


Using the 1D and 2D solvers within Flood Modeller we were able to input data such as DSM topography, Ordnance Survey GIS and rainfall, to model the flow of surface water over the site. Following this, we were able to augment the topographical data and input structures, such as buildings and culverts, to assess the impact these would have on surface water flooding.

Being new to the software, we required clarification on how a feature worked and were able to speak to a technical support assistant and start utilising the feature within minutes, in addition, we received an email a few minutes later to make sure that our query had been sorted. The end result of this project was that, using Flood Modeller, we were able to identify and outline a strategy for improvements to be made to the park to increase its usability during flood events. 


This couldn’t have been done so quickly or easily without the use of the Flood Modeller software!

Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Flood Modeller to anyone. The software features, value for money and technical support are second to none.

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