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A new era in hydrological and hydraulic modelling

Flood Modeller's new Hydrology+ module is the revolution the flood risk and climate resilience markets have been waiting for to support public and private sector clients in solving their most complex problems.  


Available at no cost for network/cloud users of Flood Modeller, Hydrology+ streamlines the integration of hydrological and hydraulic analysis, reduces costs and provides a clear audit trail and synchronicity across the hydrological and hydraulic modelling technical disciplines and workflows. 

Made possible thanks to our exclusive partnership with Wallingford HydroSolutions (WHS), the integration of WHS’ UK industry standard WINFAP and ReFH2 hydrological products with Flood Modeller will bring much greater flexibility and time savings for both hydrologists and hydraulic modellers. 

Key features

Hydrology database - a single source of truth


Accurately record and synchronise your hydrological data directly within Flood Modeller.


Benefit from a detailed audit trail and version control, whilst removing human error, facilitating quality assurance and helping you obtain regulatory approval. 

WINFAP and ReFH2 Integration 2.png
Access to Data.png
Seamless access to hydrological data sources


Hydrology+ offers seamless integration with the National River Flow Archive, Environment Agency's Realtime Monitoring data and Open WISKI.

Users can view, inspect and import data from UK gauging stations directly into the hydrology database, eliminating data request delays and speeding up workflows.


Enabling access to the latest available data.

Import FEH catchment descriptors


With Hydrology+, FEH catchment descriptors can be imported and stored in the hydrology database.


Downloaded catchments can be viewed and adjusted in Flood Modeller, making all of the necessary data available in a single location.

Catchment Descriptor.png
WINFAP and ReFH2 Integration.png
A single licence for Flood Modeller, WINFAP and ReFH2 


Use a single network or cloud-based licence for Flood Modeller, WINFAP and ReFH2, removing the need for multiple licences, contracts and renewals. 

All applications seamlessly integrate with one another, so there's no need to switch between products or machines. 

Quickly create scenarios


Set scaling scenarios for hydrographs, while also having all the necessary calculations contained within Flood Modeller.


Efficiently configure design hydrographs, rapidly update them with any hydrological changes, automatic the linking of your hydraulic model and associated hydrology, removing manual work.

Scaling Tool.png
Simulation Builder.png
Build simulation schedules


Easily and logically build a suite of simulations by utilising hydrological data and analysis stored in the hydrology database to generate a simulation schedule.


Enabling modeller's to quickly build all required simulations in a structed and automated way saving you time and reducing risk of error.

Automated report builder


Aligned with the Environment Agency's reporting requirements, the report builder function allows for the automatic generation of hydrology deliverables, saving time and reducing error.

Helping modeller's rapidly achieve regulatory approval and project sign-off.

Hydrological Report Builder.png

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