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NEW | Work more flexibly and save time with the new cloud licences for WINFAP and ReFH2, only available from Jacobs.

Seamlessly integrating hydrology and hydraulic modelling

Thanks to our exclusive collaboration with Wallingford HydroSolutions, Hydrology+ integrates the industry-standard WINFAP and ReFH2 hydrological packages with Flood Modeller, introducing enhanced flexibility and time-savings for both hydrologists and hydraulic modellers.

This provides a step change for the flood hydrology discipline by allowing direct access to necessary data, eliminating data request delays, speeding up workflows and allowing users to quickly set up simulations and calibrate models.


Available at no cost for existing Flood Modeller customers (network and cloud-based licences only), the full implementation of Hydrology+ streamlines the integration of hydrological and hydraulic analysis.

Already a Flood Modeller user? Download v7.0 to start using Hydrology+.


Key features

Import FEH catchment descriptors

Hydrology+ offers access to your FEH webservice data, allowing import and management of catchment descriptors within Flood Modeller.

Downloaded catchments can be viewed in Flood Modeller's hydrology database, making all the necessary data available in a single location.

Access hydrological data sources


Hydrology+ is connected to the National River Flow Archive and the Environment Agency's Hydrological Explorer data in real time.

​Hydrologists can sort by gauge location and type, visualise and inspect data, all within Flood Modeller, eliminating data request delays and speeding up workflows. 

Observed data_Laptop.png
Flood Estimation and Calculation Points


Quickly and easily schematise your catchment by defining flood estimation points across the UK. 

Hydrology+ brings together FEH catchment descriptors and gauge data to enable detailed FEH analysis using WINFAP and ReFH2.4 and integrating fully into the workflow.

Flood hydrology from WINFAP and ReFH is stored within Hydrology+, documenting provenance of analysis and rapid refinement of hydrology.

Export observed data


With Hydrology+, users can explore and extract observed data. Enabling them to quickly set up simulations, calibrate models and use the data for further analysis. 

Integrate hydrology and models

Hydrology+ workflows have been optimised to allow rapid application of hydrology to model simulations, including reconciliation of WINFAP and ReFH2 flow estimates, application of climate change uplifts and direct connection to 1D and 2D models via the hydrograph library.


Webinar  | What's new in Hydrology+

Seamless integration of Flood Modeller, WINFAP and ReFH2

Each application seamlessly integrates with one another, so there's no need to switch between products or constantly copy and paste data.


The full integration of workflows allows flood analysis to be quickly and consistently completed, with all results securely stored in the Hydrology+ database. Users can also inspect and visualise results directly at each calculation point.

Move all your network or cloud-based licences for Flood Modeller, WINFAP and ReFH2 under a single contract to streamline invoicing and renewals.  

*Requires a WINFAP and ReFH2 licence to fully utilise the integration

Hydrology+ database - a single source of truth


Accurately record and synchronise your hydrological data and analysis directly within Flood Modeller with our secure, structured database. Additionally, the backup function means you can save your work in your local database as well as share it with colleagues and clients.


Benefit from a detailed audit trail and version control, whilst removing human error, facilitating quality assurance, and helping you obtain regulatory approval. 

WINFAP-ReFH2 integration_Laptop.png
Design Rainfall


As well as river flows, Hydrology+ allows the calculation of design rainfall using the last rainfall model (FEH22) and ReFH2.4.  Rainfall can be added directly to Flood Modeller 2D models or exported for use in other analyses.

Hydrology projects


Group your analysis together using the new Hydrology+ project, allowing sharing and exporting at the click of a button.


Projects allow the storing of detailed hydrological analysis with models, ensuring data provenance and more effective model reuse.

Quickly create scenarios


Reconcile your ReFH2 and WINFAP analyses and combine them with scaling factors and climate change uplifts to create inflow hydrographs for 1D or 2D models. 

Hydrology+ guides users to apply up-to-date climate change allowances from the Environment Agency, SEPA, Natural Resources Wales and the Department for Infrastructure.


Efficiently configure design hydrographs, rapidly update them with any hydrological changes, automate the linking of your hydraulic model and associated hydrology, removing manual work.

Hydrograph library


Your completed FEH analysis will form a library of flood hydrology, covering different return periods, storm durations and climate change futures, which you can choose from and apply directly to your 1D and 2D models.

Coming soon

Build simulation schedules 


Easily and logically build a suite of simulations by utilising hydrological data and analysis stored in the hydrology database to generate a simulation schedule.


Enabling modellers to quickly build all required simulations in a structured and automated way, saving time and reducing risk of error.

Automated report builder 


Aligned with the Environment Agency's reporting requirements, the report builder function allows for the automatic generation of hydrology deliverables, saving time and reducing error. It also enables you to develop your own custom reports.

Helping modellers rapidly achieve regulatory approval and project sign-off.


  • Can users migrate from standalone to cloud WINFAP and ReFH2 licences mid-contract?
    Yes, if you have 3+ months remaining on your existing licence, we can issue a credit against your new cloud WINFAP/ReFH2 licence. The credit will be applied on a one for one basis, excluding any “free” licences (e.g. where you buy four, receive one licence at no additional cost). i.e. for every cloud licence purchased, one standalone licence will be credited, prorated to the remaining term. Any standalone licences not redeemed, will remain available for the full 12 month term. Examples below cover WINFAP, but are applicable to both WINFAP and ReFH2 licences. Example 1: A company purchased 5 WINFAP licences at £395 per licence on 1st January 2023 from WHS. The total cost of this order was £1,580 as one licences was provided at no cost. 1. On 1st July 2023, the company wishes to purchase 5 cloud WINFAP licences (total cost: £3,950). We will apply a credit totalling £790 from the £3,950, resulting in a total cost of £3,160 in year 1. After the purchase, the company will have access to five concurrent WINFAP cloud licences and no standalone licences. 2. On 1st July 2023, the company wishes to purchase 3 cloud WINFAP licences (total cost: £2,370). We will apply a credit totalling £474 from the £2,370, resulting in a total cost of £1,896 in year 1. After the purchase, the company will have access to three concurrent WINFAP cloud licences and two standalone licences. Example 2: A company purchased 5 WINFAP standalone licences at £395 per licence on 1st January 2023 and 5 more WINFAP standalone licences at £395 per licence on 1st March 2023. The total cost of each order was £1,580 (total cost £3,160) as the 5th and 10th licences were provided at no cost. 3. On 1st July 2023, the company wishes to purchase 10 cloud WINFAP licences (total cost: £7,900). We will deduct a credit totalling £1,843 from the £7,900; £790 from the licences purchased on 1st January 2023 and £1,053 from the licences purchased on 1st March 2023. After the purchase, the company will have access to 10 concurrent WINFAP cloud licences and no standalone licences. As part of this process, each company will delete the WINFAP/ReFH2 standalone licences from their machine.
  • Can I align my WINFAP and ReFH2 subscription to my Flood Modeller renewal?
    Yes, this is recommended, providing the remaining term of your Flood Modeller contract is 6+ months. If the remaining term is less than 6 months, you would need to align it to the following year. Example: if you wished to purchase 3 WINFAP and 3 ReFH2 licences on 1st April 2024, and the Flood Modeller contract expires on 1st July 2024 (3 months), the company would need to purchase WINFAP and ReFH2 up until 1st July 2025 (15 months) at a total cost of £5,175.
  • I already have a cloud WINFAP and ReFH2 licence and wish to increase the number of licences available on the cloud? Can I align the new licences?
    Yes, if there is 6+ months remaining of your existing contract, you can align any new WINFAP and ReFH2 licences to the existing contract/expiry date. If the remaining term is less than 6 months, you would need to align it to the following year.
  • Can I mix licences between cloud and standalone?
    Yes, you can hold both standalone and cloud licences for both WINFAP and ReFH2. Any licences traded in should be deleted from your computer(s).
  • If a new version of WINFAP or ReFH2 is released, can I upgrade?
    If you are within your licence period (generally 12 months) you can upgrade to the most current version of ReFH2 and WINFAP at any time, whether you are on a cloud or standalone licence.
  • Will both standalone and cloud versions of ReFH2 and WINFAP work with the Hydrology+?
    Yes, either version of ReFH2 and WINFAP works with the Hydrology+ module within Flood Modeller. Hydrology+ will require a Flood Modeller cloud licence to work.
  • Do I still need WINFAP and ReFH2 licences to access Hydrology+?
    Yes, you still need a WINFAP and ReFH2 licence to access this functionality. However, you will no longer need to open the separate WINFAP and ReFH2 interfaces – this will all be undertaken directly within Flood Modeller.
  • Do I need Flood Modeller installed to access WINFAP or ReFH2 via a cloud licence?
    No, you only require the WHS software and licence control software (Codemeter) to be installed and configured for access.
  • Can I purchase just ReFH2 and WINFAP cloud licences from Jacobs, or does it need to be part of a Flood Modeller purchase?
    Yes. Jacobs provide licencing for Flood Modeller, TUFLOW, WINFAP and ReFH2 software which can be purchased separately or in combination.
Hydrolog+ FAQ
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