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Flood Risk Assessments

Increasing development, climate change and various other factors further expose us to flood risk, most commonly from rivers, surface water runoff, coastal areas and ageing drainage systems. 

Key facts

  • Model rivers, surface water and urban drainage systems and obtain regulatory approval fast

  • Easily review multiple sources of flooding to ensure every risk can be mitigated to gain planning

  • Incorporate river, rainfall and sea level data, alongside LiDAR, to predict the probability of flooding

  • Confidently undertake your flood risk assessments from just £150 per month, including technical support

  • Access a GIS interface, suite of numerical solvers, wide range of hydraulic structures and the latest hydrological methods

In many countries planning policy requires newly proposed developments in areas of risk, or of a certain size, to demonstrate that they will not be at significant flood risk for the lifetime of the development and do not increase flood risk downstream or to adjacent sites.  


As part of your flood risk assessment, detailed flood modelling may also be required. Many companies sub-contract this part of the process as they don’t have the resources available to undertake such technical work. Unfortunately, using external providers can be costly and slow down project delivery.


Starting from as little as £150 per month, Flood Modeller enables you to take full control of your FRAs and quickly and confidently identify the source of potential flooding and secure regulatory approval fast


The software provides everything you need to model different sources of flooding, including rivers, surface water and urban drainage systems. Its intuitive GIS interface allows you to easily represent flows and water levels and incorporate an extensive range of hydraulic structures for increased accuracy.

With four editions to choose from, all of which are available as a monthly subscription,  you can select the most appropriate and cost-effective option for your projects. 

In England, flood risk assessments are required for most developments within one of the Environment Agency's flood zones. This includes developments within:

  • Flood zone 2 or 3, including minor development and change of use, or more than 1 hectare in flood zone 1

  • Less than 1 hectare in flood zone 1 where you could be affected by sources of flooding other than rivers and the sea (for example surface water drains)

  • In an area within flood zone 1 which has critical drainage problems as notified by the Environment Agency

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency, National Resources Wales, Department for Infrastructure (Rivers) in Northern Ireland and the Office of Public Works in Ireland also provide similar guidance. 

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