User interface

Flood Modeller’s GIS-like, user-friendly interface delivers an intuitive environment for building, running and analysing models.

The Flood Modeller interface provides you with an intuitive GIS-based environment for your model build, run and analysis activities. The interface, which provides a default display mode, can be customised with multiple configurations enabling you to work the way you want to. Superior workflows and automation tools, which are being added to with each new release of the software, reduce the time and effort needed to get the results you require.


Fully customisable

It is extremely flexible, enabling you to customise the layout of the software and to set up multiple configurations that can be recalled as and when required.


Background mapping

It provides access to various online mapping sources, providing accurate and up to date background mapping for your project. This helps with model building and enhances results.


Dockable work canvas

The interface consists of several windows, which display information about your project or provide access to tools and features. Each window can be positioned based on your specific preference to enhance the building, running and analysis of your models.


Multi-screen support

The interface provides multi-screen support allowing you to use the software more efficiently. It allows you to focus on specific features within the software, such as the background mapping or complex 1D networks.


GIS capabilities

It provides access to a range of GIS tools and capabilities, enabling you to generate, edit and add different datasets to your flood model within a single application. It also eliminates the need for expensive third-party software.


Workflows and automation

We have designed the interface to reduce the time you need to spend on importing data, building small, large and complex models, making local or global changes to your model, setting up and running your simulations, analysing results, and sharing results with colleague or clients.