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Whether you have a one-off project or are looking to build in-house modelling capabilities, Flood Modeller provides a flexible and cost-effective licensing solution. Simply choose the Standard or Professional edition of the software and select a standalone or networked licence configuration. We offer monthly rentals, annual subscriptions as well as perpetual licences.

Available from £160 per month


Perfect for everyday projects

Available from £370 per month

Graphical User Interface




Best for large and complex projects

Key features

1D River Solvers

400 Nodes

1,000 Nodes

2D Solvers (ADI, TVD, FAST)

400,000 Cells

1,000,000 Cells

Simulation Instances



Structure Types



Boundary Types



1D Urban Solver (add-on)

100 Nodes

500 Nodes

All licensing options


Available from £315/mo

If you're looking to use Flood Modeller on a short-term project, you can simply rent the software for however long you need.


Available from £160/mo

If you're looking to use the software for 6+ months, our annual licence is a more cost-effective option saving you 50%.


Available from £3,000

If you have a pipeline of projects lasting more than a year, a perpetual licence should be considered

Academic licence

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We provide a range of heavily discounted licensing options specifically for academic study or research purposes. Please ask your university to contact our sales team to discuss the various solutions available.

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Deliver projects faster and more cost-effectively 

Get your flood modelling results in hours not days by running your Flood Modeller simulations at lightning speed with Flood Cloud. Our pay as you go service enables you to instantly access unlimited computing resources, in the cloud, delivering the step change needed for better analysis and design. It removes software licensing costs altogether as well as hardware procurement and maintenance fees, making project delivery even more cost-effective.