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Ideal for learning and small studies

Key features

Graphical User Interface

100 Nodes 1D Solvers

100,000 Cells 2D Solvers

One Simulation Instance

Multiple 2D Domains

Hydrological Boundaries

Hydraulic Structures

View 100 Nodes


New for 2020!

Key features

Graphical User Interface

400 Nodes 1D Solvers

400,000 Cells 2D Solvers

Two Simulation Instances

Multiple 2D Domains

Hydrological Boundaries

Hydraulic Structures

View 400 Nodes


Perfect for everyday projects

Key features

Graphical User Interface

1,000 Nodes 1D Solvers

1,000,000 Cells 2D Solvers

Four Simulation Instances

Multiple 2D Domains

Hydrological Boundaries

Hydraulic Structures

View 1,000 Nodes


Best for large and complex projects

Need help getting started? Request a demo with one of our experts to get a guided tour of Flood Modeller.

Licensing options

All of our licensing options allow you to use Flood Modeller across different computers and multiple offices, regions or countries.


Ideal for users who work independently or as part of a smaller group within a single office. The software is run from a USB dongle and will allow users to run the software on a single machine at any one time.


Perfect for users that are based in different offices as it provides instant access to Flood Modeller. It allows organisations to utilise existing software, reducing the need to purchase additional licences.


Our software can be rented on a short-term or annual basis depending on your specific requirements. Existing users of the software can also rent add-ons to temporarily increase their capabilities.


Universities can use the Free version for their studies. Standalone and networked licences, with increased functionality, can also be purchased for teaching and research purposes, at significant discounts.


Deliver projects faster and more cost-effectively 

Get your flood modelling results in hours not days by running your Flood Modeller simulations at lightning speed with Flood Cloud. Our pay as you go service enables you to instantly access unlimited computing resources, in the cloud, delivering the step change needed for better analysis and design. It removes software licensing costs altogether as well as hardware procurement and maintenance fees, making project delivery even more cost-effective.

Support & Maintenance

Over 98% of our users annually renew their contracts as it provides extensive benefits. Whichever licensing option you select, support and maintenance is available from our global support and development network. Request a price list to find out more about our support and maintenance contract.


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Call us on +44(0)845 094 7994 if you have a question about your model or the software.

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