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Everything you need in one package

Software editions

All four editions of Flood Modeller offer integrated catchment modelling capabilities allowing you to confidently model rivers, sewers, overland flows and rainfall-runoff.


From £150/month

Suited to site specific flood risk studies.

✔️40 nodes
✔️500,000 cells
✔️1 simulation


From £235/month

Ideal for small scale catchment analysis.

✔️400 nodes
✔️1,000,000 cells
✔️2 simulations


From £495/month

Best for large scale catchment analysis.

✔️1,000 nodes
✔️3,000,000 cells
✔️3 simulations


From £750/month

For when you need to model without limits.

✔️Unlimited nodes
✔️Unlimited cells
✔️4 simulations

Licensing options

Each edition of Flood Modeller is available as a monthly or annual subscription, or as a lifetime licence.


From £398/month

If you have a one-off project, a monthly subscription licence is the most cost-effective option.


From £150/month

If you need the software for 4 months, an annual subscription is more cost-effective.


From £3,180

If you have a number of projects lasting more than a year, a lifetime licence should be considered.


Available at no cost

Discounted licensing options specifically for academic purposes. 

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Licence configurations

We offer multiple licence configurations with each offering different features and benefits.


Perfect for single users or small offices

Allows different users and machines to access the software at different times, providing the USB lock is connected to the end-user machine.


Essential for multiple users and offices

Allows anybody to access the software when it's not in use, on any machine, as long as they have access to the company network (including VPN).  


Increased flexibility and reliability

Provides all of the benefits of a network licence, but removes the need to host and maintain the licence on a company network.


A bespoke solution for large-scale users

Contact us for further information.

Flood Cloud by Jacobs_PNG_Jacobs_logo_Fl

Flood Cloud is a pay as you go service which charges by the simulation minute. It uses a credit-based system

allowing you to purchase your preferred package in advance - ensuring you keep within budget.


Credits are purchased in packages, with usage charged from 0.04 credits per simulation minute.

5,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 5,000 credits which is ideal for
smaller projects and provides up to  2,000 simulation hours.
0% discount applied
£5,000 GBP
10,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 10,000 credits to run large numbers of simulations and provides up to
4,000 simulation hours.
£9,500 GBP
5% discount applied
20,000 credits
Selecting this package will give you 20,000 credits which is perfect for multiple-user accounts and provides up to 8,000 simulation hours.
10% discount applied
£18,000 GBP
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