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Features and benefits

Why Flood Modeller?

Integrated GIS interface

Our intuitive and customisable GIS interface allows you to quickly and easily build, run and analyse your models within a single environment. Giving you the ability to efficiently assess different scenarios, bring your models to life and explore your results by interrogating plots or animating flood extents.

Powerful hydraulic simulations

Developed for nearly 50 years, Flood Modeller provides some of the fastest, most accurate and robust solvers available. Independently benchmarked by the Environment Agency and many other organisations, it is trusted by government agencies, utilities, insurers and consultants across the globe.

Advanced 1D and 2D solvers

Our powerful 1D and 2D solvers enable you to model multiple sources of flooding, better understand flood risk and make more informed decisions, all in one place. Independently model open channels and reservoirs, overland flows and depths, as well as drainage systems or dynamically link the solvers for integrated modelling.

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40+ hydraulic structures

An extensive range of structures, including weir, sluice, orifice and bridge types, and control rules, enable you to accurately model the impact of structures and their operation on flows and water levels.

Latest hydrological methods

A range of boundary options provide the flexibility to accurately represent water entering and leaving your models. Within each boundary, Flood Modeller offers a range of options enabling you to tailor your model to your precise requirements.

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GPU enabled - For faster results

Access your 2D modelling results fast! Enhance your modelling, by incorporating higher resolution data and larger extents into your models, enabling more accurate and detailed results by harnessing the power of modern GPU hardware.

Extensive toolbox

If you need to import third-party models, automate the linking of your 1D networks and 2D domains, identify and fix data errors or simply visualise and share results, our extensive suite of tools have been specifically designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of your modelling.

Supported and maintained

Flood Modeller offers a comprehensive knowledge base, an extensive training programme and a dedicated support team.  More resources are available on this website, our YouTube channel or in our webinars.

On-demand cloud computing 

Seamlessly integrated with Flood Modeller, Flood Cloud is an innovative service that enables you to run your model simulations in the cloud. It empowers users to run compute-intensive simulations faster, at greater scale, and more cost effectively than ever before.

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A new era in hydrological and hydraulic modelling is coming

Flood Modeller's new Hydrology+ module will streamline the integration of hydrological and hydraulic analysis, reduces costs and provides a clear audit trail and synchronicity across the hydrological and hydraulic modelling technical disciplines and workflows. 

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