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Why choose Flood Modeller?

Learn more about the features and benefits of Flood Modeller.

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Developed by Jacobs for over 50 years, Flood Modeller has become the industry's leading flood modelling solution. Trusted by government agencies, utilities, insurers and consultants across the globe, you can confidently understand and manage the impacts of climate change. 



Flood Modeller provides a flexible and cost-effective licensing solution. Choose from four editions of the software and select a standalone or networked licence configuration. We offer monthly rentals, annual subscriptions as well as lifetime licences.

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Flood Modeller’s solvers are some of the fastest and most robust solutions available. It makes them an ideal choice for a wide-range of applications, from site specific studies to modelling entire catchments or countries.

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An extensive range of weir, sluice, orifice and bridge types, and control rules, enable you to accurately model the impact of structures and their operation on flows and water levels.



The Flood Modeller interface provides you with an intuitive GIS-based environment for your model build, run and analysis activities. The interface can be customised with multiple configurations enabling you to work the way you want to. 

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A range of boundary options provide the flexibility to accurately represent water entering and leaving your models. Within each boundary, Flood Modeller offers a range of options enabling you to tailor your model to your precise requirements.



Flood Modeller is extremely flexible and allows integration with a range of third-party software packages and platforms. Third-party software integrations include TUFLOW, Delft-FEWS, and QGIS, making your modelling even easier.

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Flood Modeller provides users with a wide range of easy to access tools and features as standard. They are all designed around user needs to improve productivity and efficiency. Whatever your design need, we've got it covered.