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WINFAP & ReFH2 licensing

Coming soon

Jacobs and Wallingford HydroSolutions Ltd have formed a strategic collaboration targeting data and technology solutions for hydrological and hydraulic modelling servicing the flood risk and climate resilience markets.

Jacobs is the exclusive reseller of Wallingford HydroSolutions' WINFAP and ReFH2 cloud and network licences. Our annual subscriptions allow anybody to access the hydrological software when they're not in use, on any machine, as long as they have access to the company network (including via VPN to promote hybrid working). Your licences are no longer tied into a machine, meaning you can work more quickly and efficiently with direct access to the tools you need. 


£590 /year

ReFH 2 enables you to estimate design and observed flood hydrographs for rural and urbanised ungauged catchments across the UK. 

Get in touch

Contact Alastair Sheppard, Sales Manager, for more information about the WINFAP and ReFH2 network and cloud licences and start working more flexibly today!


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