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Unexpected flooding - The impact of extreme weather events

In this webinar, our experts discuss how extreme rainfall can affect urban developments and demonstrate how Flood Modeller can be used to quickly and easily assess flood risk caused by potential flash flooding.

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Introduction to Hydrology+

This webinar provides an introduction to Flood Modeller's new Hydrology+ module which offers a seamless integration of hydrology and hydraulic modelling.

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How better use of hydrological data can improve flood analysis

In this webinar, we cover the main challenges linked to hydrological data including quality, uncertainty, climate change and management. Our presenter shares his expert knowledge and best practices as well as illustrates how integration and innovation are advancing the practice to better access and manage hydrological data.

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Empowering engineers to better understand flood risk

In this 30-minute webinar, our expert discuss why you should select Flood Modeller as the solution of choice to develop your flood modelling capabilities, enabling you to cut the cost of project delivery. We use a real-life example to demonstrate how Flood Modeller can be used to build, run, and analyse a model quickly and easily.

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Options appraisal for flood risk management

This webinar gives you an overview of options appraisal as part of flood risk management. Using a real-life case study, it illustrates why options appraisal is so important and how it can be carried out for a positive outcome and how Flood Modeller can help you appraise and compare the benefits and costs of each option.

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Quantifying Residual Uncertainty in modelling

In this webinar, our expert provides an overview of the UK guidance on quantifying residual uncertainty in modelling. He uses case studies to demonstrate how the guidance can be applied, discusses its impact on scheme design and appraisal, areas of potential improvement and the challenges this presents to the industry.

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Flood modelling at Toddbrook Reservoir

In this webinar, our expert demonstrates how they used Flood Modeller following the safety incident at Toddbrook Reservoir in August 2019. Find out how an initial hydraulic model was developed following the incident and how the uncertainties in the modelling were communicated to better manage the immediate risks to the community downstream.

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Introduction to 1D river and 2D modelling

This webinar serves as an introduction to Flood Modeller, showcasing its capabilities for 1D river modelling and 2D modelling. It highlights its features for simulating a wide range of hydraulic structures, accurate representation of surface water behaviour, and its ability to model complex scenarios involving multiple 2D domains.

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Evaluating climate change impacts using Flood Modeller

In this webinar, our expert showcases how Flood Modeller enables you to confidently understand flood risk and develop optimal solutions to manage the impacts of climate change.

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