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Are you using HEC-RAS?

Flood Modeller has many unique features and is available from as little as £150 per month.

✔️ Represent rivers, surface water and urban drainage systems in a single model 
✔️ Access your 2D results faster using Flood Modeller's
GPU solver
✔️ Direct integration of WINFAP and ReFH2 with Hydrology+
✔️ Quickly assess the overall economic impact of
flooding on a catchment
✔️ Benefit from on-demand technical support at no extra cost
✔️ Use our
extensive toolkit to convert existing HEC-RAS models 
✔️Run compute-intensive simulations, at greater scale with
Flood Cloud



5 easy steps to convert your HEC-RAS models

Flood Modeller's HEC-RAS import tool allows you to easily convert your 1D open-channel models and seamlessly build upon existing HEC-RAS models using Flood Modeller.


A new era in flood hydrology

Flood Modeller's new Hydrology+ module is the revolution the flood risk and climate resilience markets have been waiting for to support public and private sector clients in solving their most complex problems.  

1D river laptop image.png

Case study | Dam breach modelling

Learn how our HEC-RAS importer tool was used to undertake dam-breach modelling of the Lane City Reservoir dam in Texas, USA.

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