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Converting HEC-RAS models to Flood Modeller

Convert your HEC-RAS models to Flood Modeller in 5 simple steps.

Flood Modeller's HEC-RAS import tool allows you to easily convert your 1D open-channel HEC-RAS models to Flood Modeller, providing you with a quick and efficient way of utilising existing models.

It allows you to read the cross-section data as defined in HEC-RAS, select the data of interest, and convert it to Flood Modeller format in just a few simple steps.

This means you can seamlessly build upon existing HEC-RAS models using Jacobs' industry-leading flood modelling software, and benefit from Flood Modeller’s user-friendly interface and feature-rich toolbox.

This months’ tip gives a step-by-step process for converting HEC-RAS models. Importing HEC-RAS data into Flood Modeller

  1. Start by exporting your HEC-RAS cross-section data, contained in one or more geometric files.

  2. Import these files into a new 1D network or append to an existing one by right clicking the network table and selecting File > ‘Import from HEC-RAS’.

  3. Select and find the HEC-RAS geometry files

  4. Select and move your desired sections to the network window, and your network will populate with the selected HEC-RAS sections.

  5. Save the changes to your network to store the new section information.

For more detailed instructions on converting and importing your HEC-RAS models, download our guide below, or contact our dedicated support team.


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