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What our users say

We have helped thousands of users, in over 100 countries, transform how they undertake modelling and how they share and communicate flood-related information with clients and members of the public.

"AECOM have been using Flood Modeller for over 25 years for a wide range of engineering and environmental applications. The software fullfils our key requirements of being fast, stable and accurate."

John Higginbottom

Hydraulic Modelling Technical Specialist


"Flood Modeller was the standout choice for multiple reasons including its widespread adoption throughout the industry, its powerful capabilities, and user-friendly interface."


Simon Stoate  

Principal Consultant

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Wetland feasibility study

Learn how Flood Modeller was used to prepare a hydrological characterisation of the Wilford Stream and its catchment at Corke Valley Park.

Dubai cityscape

Improving your 2D urban flood modelling

Learn how our 2D modelling helped with the delivery and commissioning before the opening of the EXPO in Dubai.

Sydney harbour

Accelerating integrated 1D-2D modelling

Learn how Flood Modeller has been used to simulate combined fluvial and direct rainfall flooding in the Parramatta River, Sydney, Australia.

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