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Jacobs and Wallingford HydroSolutions Ltd have formed a strategic collaboration targeting data and technology solutions for hydrological and hydraulic modelling servicing the flood risk and climate resilience markets.

Jacobs is the exclusive reseller of Wallingford HydroSolutions' WINFAP and ReFH2 cloud and network licences. Use a single licence for Flood Modeller, WINFAP and ReFH2, removing the need for multiple licences, contracts and renewals. 

All applications seamlessly integrate with one another, so there's no need to switch between products or machines. 

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Flood Modeller’s powerful 1D and 2D solvers can be seamlessly integrated 
with Delft-FEWS, Deltares’ Flood Early Warning System, providing a state-of-the-art 
hydrological forecast and warning system. 
The system is a sophisticated collection of modules designed for building a hydrological forecasting system, customised to the specific requirements of an individual organisation.

Delft-FEWS provides an open system that accommodates a wide range of existing forecasting models. Integrating Flood Modeller using a freely available adapter, through an open XML-based published interface, allows advanced flood modelling 
to forecast potential flood risk effectively.


Flood Modeller's leading 1D solvers can be seamlessly linked to TUFLOW, enabling an integrated approach to modelling, combining open-channel, closed pipe and overland flow. The TUFLOW Link enables the ESTRY, Classic, and HPC solvers within TUFLOW to be linked to Flood Modeller. 


The link allows flow (discharge) and water levels to be exchanged between a Flood Modeller and TUFLOW model. The exchange can be driven by either model with the exchange of information occurring at each multiple of the common time step.

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