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Key facts

  • An efficient and robust way to process large datasets.

  • Uses flood depth grids from Flood Modeller and other sources.

  • It’s easy to interrogate outputs either using Flood Modeller’s map view, or you can seamlessly transfer data to Microsoft Excel.

  • Options to calculate annual averaged damage, present value damage, effect of property level protection and risk to life calculations.

  • Specify your own depth damage data and currency for your specific location or use the Multi-Coloured Manual for UK specific depth damage data.

  • Perform total damage, average annual damages, present value damages, and risk to life calculations.

What our users say

“Damage Calculator allows for quick, flexible calculation of a wide range of flood damage categories, including damage to buildings, risk to life, damage to vehicles, mental health, emergency services costs and evacuation costs. Multiple scenarios can be investigated with ease, and the outputs allow for straightforward interrogation of results.”

Stephen Bilby Water Engineer, Jacobs

Damage Calculator helps users to quickly assess the overall economic impact of flooding on a catchment, allowing you to better understand the severity of a flood event. It also allows you to calculate risk to life data.

Using industry standard methods, Damage Calculator takes flood maps (depth grids for different return periods and at different points in time) and combines these with property datasets and depth damage data to calculate the damage for each property affected by flooding. This data is then summed to obtain total damage for each flood event with the option to also calculate average annual damages (AAD) and, for a user specified timeframe, present value damages (PVD) values.

Damage Calculator analyses each property data point to evaluate where it lies within your flood extent depth grid data (e.g. derived from 1D or 2D modelling) and therefore what flood depth will be associated to each property for the calculation of damages.

Flood Modeller interface showing flood depth grids and a property dataset. Source: Flood Modeller

You can specify your own depth damage data and currency to ensure calculations are appropriate to your specific location. Alternatively, UK-based users can apply the Flood Hazard Research Centre’s Multi-Coloured Manual property depth damage data, directly within Damage Calculator.

During a typical flood event there will be other factors affecting the overall cost impact in addition to the property damage cost. The Damage Calculator allows you to include selected additional damages, including vehicle damages, indirect damages to nonresidential properties, emergency response and recovery costs as well as evacuation and relocation costs for residential properties.

For further information on using the Damage Calculator, watch our video on how to calculate direct property damages using Flood Modeller

The damage of the Sheffield floods in June 2007 was estimated at £30m, including about £20m for repairing damaged roads and £3m for housing. Source: BBC

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