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Jacobs’ Flood Modeller users can now access Fathom’s award-winning Flood Maps.

Flood Modeller provides access to a wide-range of third-party integrations, enabling direct access to global datasets and complementary products. The latest release of the software, version 7.1, now allows users to seamlessly access Fathom’s award-winning flood maps – directly within Flood Modeller’s intuitive GIS interface. This allows you to quickly gain an initial understanding of your site of interest by loading and reviewing the available data.

Fathom’s Flood Map's provides its users with the most robust and comprehensive set of hazard data and flood risk information in the world. Available across all major flood perils: pluvial, fluvial and coastal, it revolutionises how insurers, financial markets, engineers, corporates and governments can understand and integrate flood hazard and climate change data into their risk operations.


Data now available in Flood Modeller:

global map.jpg
us map.jpg
uk map.jpg

Global Flood Map

Global Flood Map Global flood mapping from the cutting edge of scientific research.

US Flood Map

The most complete and technologically advanced flood map for the United States.

UK Flood Map

Comprehensive flood modelling for the whole of the United Kingdom.

Coming soon

Global Terrain Data – FABDEM+


The new global standard for accurate multi-source digital elevation models, providing seamless access to the best terrain data worldwide.

global terrain.jpg


Data integrations in Flood Modeller #2.png

Data integrations in Flood Modeller

In this webinar, Gavin Lewis, Fathom’s Head of Engineering, will introduce their award-winning Global Flood Map. Adam Parkes, Flood Modeller’s Technical Director, will then provide a live demonstration of the Fathom Global Flood Map integration within Flood Modeller.

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