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Simple hacks to win at

1D river modelling

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of efficient 1D river modelling?

Georgina Palmer, Hydraulic Modeller at Jacobs, presents an insightful session where she delves into practical tips and tricks to elevate your river modelling skills.

Whether you’re looking for ways to streamline your process to save time and effort or learn new hacks to enhance your capabilities, this webinar highlights useful and less-known tools to help you build, run, and visualise models more efficiently.

Our presenter

Georgina Palmer, Hydraulic Modeller, Jacobs

Georgina has worked across a range of projects including flood alleviation schemes, reservoir flood studies and surface water flood mapping. She has built and worked with a variety of hydraulic models, including fluvial 1D and 1D/2D linked models, and uses Flood Modeller daily to complete her work.



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