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New for 2020! Introducing the Standard edition of Flood Modeller

Following the recent announcement, which saw the release of Flood Modeller version 4.6, we are excited to introduce you to the new Standard edition of Flood Modeller.

As of 1st January 2020, users can select from two different editions of Flood Modeller; Standard and Professional.

The Standard edition is aimed at small to medium sized organisations that require a range of functionality, but don’t require a Professional licence. It provides users with 400 1D nodes, 400,000 2D cells and two concurrent simulation instances, along with various other tools and features as detailed above.

Users of the Standard edition can seamlessly upgrade to the Professional edition as and when required by simply paying the difference between the two editions – no additional premium or uplift is charged.

For users who require the Professional edition, we are pleased to announce that the standard 2D cell functionality for all three 2D solvers has also increased from 400,000 cells to 1,000,000 cells at no additional cost. This allows users to build and run larger models before having to upgrade their licence to incorporate the unlimited solver.

Users who previously purchased Flood Modeller Pro and maintain a valid support and maintenance contract will also have their licences upgraded to 1,000,000 2D cells at no additional cost. Contact our support team to upgrade your licence.

For further information or to discuss licencing options, please contact Alastair Sheppard on +44 (0)845 094 7990.


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