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Hydrology+, a new era of hydrology and hydraulic modelling

The eagerly awaited journey towards a seamless integration of hydrology and hydraulic modelling has begun.

We are very excited to announce that the first step in the full implementation of Flood Modeller’s Hydrology+ is here.

Available at no extra cost* with the Lite, Standard, Professional and Unlimited editions of Flood Modeller, Hydrology+ streamlines the integration of hydrological and hydraulic analysis, reduces costs, and provides a clear audit trail and synchronicity across the hydrological and hydraulic modelling technical disciplines and workflows.

With Flood Modeller 7.0, you can

Import FEH catchment descriptors

Within the Flood Modeller interface, the new Hydrology+ menu gives you direct access to FEH Webservice to download and import catchment descriptors.

Downloaded catchments can then be viewed in Flood Modeller's hydrology database, making all of the necessary data available in a single location.​

Export the data to XML for use in the hydraulic model, making collaboration between hydrologists and hydraulic modellers more integrated and efficient.

Seamlessly access hydrological data sources

Hydrology+ is connected to the National River Flow Archive and the Environment Agency's Hydrology Data Explorer in real time.

​You can sort by gauge type and view the most recent data from UK gauging stations directly on the background map, eliminating data request delays and speeding up workflows.

Export observed data

Directly within Flood Modeller explore and export observed data for the specific periods you require. This enables you to quickly set up simulations, calibrate models as well as use the data for further analysis.

Thanks to Hydrology+, you can use the hydrological data available to enhance the accuracy of your hydraulic models and accelerate your project delivery.

Find out more about Hydrology+, including how you can access the new feature and what will be coming next.

Watch our latest webinar to get a first look at Hydrology+.

For more information about licensing, please visit our pricing page or contact our sales team.

*Available at no cost for cloud licence users of Flood Modeller. Not available to users with standalone licences of Flood Modeller. For more information, please read our FAQ.


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