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Available now | WINFAP and ReFH2 cloud licences

WINFAP and ReFH2 software is widely used by hydrologists and other flood modelling practitioners to estimate peak flows and flood frequency curves for gauged and ungauged catchments or design and observed flood hydrographs for rural and urbanised ungauged catchments across the UK.

Until now, these tools were only available as local licences, meaning they were locked to a specific machine which left very little flexibility for multi-user access. This problem was exacerbated with hybrid and remote work becoming the new norm.

Now, the ‘hydrology laptop’ can be any laptop…

Available exclusively from Jacobs, the new WINFAP and ReFH2 cloud licences enable any user across your organisation to access the hydrology software as long as a licence is available (even remotely via VPN!). Enabling users to work more efficiently with direct access to the tools they need, it promotes collaboration and expands your capacity to deliver projects.

This is only the first step in integrating hydrology and hydraulic modelling with the upcoming release of Hydrology+.

Hydrology+ will provide Hydrologists and Hydraulic Modellers with

  • Fast access to data sources

  • A central source of truth

  • Version and provenance control

  • Easy data and file management

  • Fast and consistent report building

  • Integrated workflows

  • Automated simulation schedules

“The new licensing now available and the upcoming features will help address ongoing challenges. The new WINFAP and ReFH2 licensing is only the first phase of a new era, it unlocks new opportunities and capabilities for practitioners. It’s very exciting to see how this will positively change our ways of working.” - Adam Parkes, Associate Director, Hydrology at Jacobs.

Read our FAQ for more details or to move to cloud WINFAP and ReFH licensing, contact Alastair Sheppard on 0845 094 7990.


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