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Coming soon! New Flood Modeller licensing structure

Our new simplified licensing structure is coming in January 2022. It provides everything you need, including technical support, from as little as £125 per month.

To provide new and existing users with maximum flexibility and further cost savings, we are removing the need to buy add-ons. Simply choose from the Lite, Standard, Professional or Unlimited editions - each one provides you with everything you need to confidently model rivers, surface water and urban drainage systems.

Our new licensing structure offers something for everybody. Whether you're looking to use Flood Modeller on a short-term project or wish to build your in-house modelling capabilities, simply select a standalone or networked configuration and your preferred licensing model; monthly, annual or lifetime.

Each edition of Flood Modeller gives you access to all the features you need to undertake integrated catchment modelling, removing the need for third-party software or supporting GIS tools.


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