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With three editions of Flood Modeller to choose from, and multiple licensing options, you can select the most  appropriate solution for your organisation. 

Add-ons are available to enhance your experience

Flood Modeller provides a range of add-ons to enhance your modelling experience and increase your licence functionality as and when required.

Seamlessly scale up your licence capabilities

Seamlessly upgrade your edition of Flood Modeller to the next level by purchasing the Standard or Professional editions, or additional add-ons.

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If you're new to Flood Modeller, request a demonstration to find out more about how you can apply the software on your projects.

Case studies

A flood risk assessment for the EXPO 2020 rapid transit rail system extension involving integrated hydrologic analysis with detailed 2D hydraulic modelling of the urban areas. Flood Modeller was chosen due to its ability to accurately model complex flows in urban environments.


2D modelling of urban flooding, Dubai, UAE

A catchment scale study with over 270 km of embankments, 40 separate pumps, and long duration flood events. Flood Modeller was selected due its ability to model complex structures and their operational control and the robustness of its solvers.


Complex structures and operational rules, England

Flood Modeller's 1D and 2D ADI solvers have been applied to simulate combined fluvial and direct rainfall flooding in a sub-catchment of the Parramatta River in Sydney. They were selected for their speed and stability.


Integrated 1D-2D modelling of the Parramatta River, Australia

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