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Further your capabilities | Flood Modeller's upcoming 2024 training courses

Take advantage of the chance to acquire valuable knowledge and skills from our team of flood modelling experts. Flood Modeller’s industry-leading training courses are designed for people of all skill levels and are the perfect way to further your capabilities.

We are excited to offer a range of training courses throughout 2024, both online and in-person.

Our CIWEM-accredited 1D and 2D modelling courses are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of modelling techniques and their applications in the field. While you can choose to take these courses independently, we recommend completing them as a series to gain a deeper understanding of integrated modelling.


6th - 8th February 2024 (Online)

13th & 14th February 2024 (In person at our Manchester office)

7th - 9th May 2024 (Online)

9th - 11th July 2024 (Online)

Our 1D river training course will teach you to build your own 1D river model, add 1D hydraulic structures, run simulations, troubleshoot common modelling issues and interpret results.

20th February 2024 (In-person at our Manchester office)

21st & 22nd February 2024 (Online)

14th & 15th May 2024 (Online)

This course is designed to expand upon your existing 1D modelling skills and teach you how to build a 2D model, incorporate roughness, topographic features and flood defences, embed 1D structures within a 2D domain, and so much more.

21st & 22nd May 2024 (Online)

Our introduction to 1D urban modelling training course teaches you how to build a 1D urban model, consisting of manholes and pipes. You will gain proficiency in analysing and post-processing results, and unlock the skillset to seamlessly connect the 1D urban solver with Flood Modeller’s 1D river and 2D solver.

27th February 2024 (Online)

Enhance your modelling capabilities by registering for our advanced course which is designed for experienced users wishing to further their knowledge of Flood Modeller. The course is aimed at those involved in the development and review of hydraulic models and focuses on model diagnostics and debugging, advanced structures and automation tools.


After an Envireau Water team member took one of our courses, they commented:

“The Flood Modeller training course was a great experience which has provided me with a more in-depth knowledge of model construction and diagnostics for complex systems. I look forward to putting this into practice with projects to demonstrate the specialist expertise that Envireau Water's surface water team has.”

Get in touch with our training team for more information or to book your training course today!  

Can’t make these dates? Keep an eye on our training calendar as more dates will be added for the second half of 2024.  

95% approval rating of our training courses


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