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Advanced Flood Modeller

Learning objectives

Attend our CIWEM-accredited advanced training course to gain an overview of the advanced modelling techniques available within Flood Modeller. It is aimed at those involved in the development and review of hydraulic models and focuses primarily on model diagnostics and debugging, advanced structures and automation tools.

By the end of the course, you will have an appreciation for several initialisation and runtime errors that can occur when using Flood Modeller and understand how to fix these. 

You will learn how to use a number of review tools within Flood Modeller to diagnose problematic areas of your model and understand how these can be improved upon. 

You will also gain experience using the latest automation tools and obtain detailed insight into the use of structures.

Key benefits

  • Delivered online or in-person at venues throughout the UK and Ireland

  • Fast-track your learning and understanding of Flood Modeller.

  • CIWEM accredited - attendance contributes toward your CPD.

  • One-month Flood Modeller license provided (worth £600)

  • Limited to 10 individuals, maximising the learning experience

  • Comprehensive notes, practicals and other materials are provided

  • Post-course support is provided for two-weeks

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The course assumes a good understanding of 1D modelling as well as Flood Modeller’s user interface. It is aimed at users who already understand and use the software on a regular basis, but want to further their knowledge.

Course structure

You will cover a range of topics through the training, including:


  • 1D numerics

  • Advanced parameters

  • Model diagnostics and tools

  • Model instabilities

  • Initialisation errors

  • Runtime errors

  • Advanced structures

  • Automation tools

  • Diagnostic tools

Course leaders

Mathieu Valois, Senior Hydraulic Modeller
Mathieu has been using Flood Modeller for 17 years. Mathieu has delivered many training courses over the last decade ranging from introductory to more advanced courses in 1D and 2D modelling.. 

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Ben Watson.png

Ben Watson, Senior Hydraulic Modeller

Ben has been using Flood Modeller for 6 years and has a technical background in hydraulic modelling. Ben has been involved in delivering introductory and advanced Flood Modeller training courses, with a recent focus on the 1D urban solver.

Additional information

The in-person version of this course is delivered in one day. The course starts at 09:30 and finishes at 17:00.


The online version of this course is delivered across two-days. It consists of four sessions, with each session being delivered across a two-hour period. Two sessions are delivered each day with the first session in the morning followed by a second session in the afternoon.

Prior to the training, you will receive a detailed document which provides all the information you need to undertake the course, including the agenda, links to the various resources, and details on how to access Flood Modeller.

Each attendee must provide their own laptop to undertake the training. However, a one-month Flood Modeller Standard edition training licence (worth £600) is provided to each attendee.

This course is approved by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and attendance will contribute toward your continuing professional development (CPD).

Upcoming courses


27th February 2024

Advanced Flood Modeller


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