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Flood Modeller presented at the Cracow University of Technology

Judyta Lasek and Michal Lyp, our Jacobs colleagues in Cracow (Poland), recently been invited back to Cracow University of Technology, Department of Environmental Engineering to gave another presentation on hydraulic and hydrological modelling for flood risk management using Flood Modeller.

The course introduced twenty-five young people from Germany, Norway, Egypt and Poland to flood modelling whilst attending international summer school course, ‘Contemporary water processing and management’ at the University. During their visit, the students were able to ask in-depth questions around hydraulic, hydrological and flood modelling.

We offer presentations across the globe. Every year a member of the Flood Modeller team goes to Nice (France) to talk about Flood Modeller to 100 Water Europe international graduating students from 7 different European universities all gathered at Polytech'Nice Sophia, the Nice Sophia Antipolis University Engineering School.

We encourage our experts to share their knowledge with future generations of flood risk management professional and we also support teaching staff with free Flood Modeller resources especially developed for academic purposes. If you are interested, please email our training team to find out more.


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