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Introducing Birmingham City University to Flood Modeller

Earlier this month, Kostya Vasilyev, Support Engineer – Flood Modeller, spent a day at Birmingham City University introducing 35 Civil Engineering students to Jacobs’ industry-leading flood modelling software, Flood Modeller.

Kostya introduced the students to 1D and 2D flood modelling and the various flood management applications it can be applied to. Students were then able to get hands-on experience using the software working through a series of practical exercises where they used Flood Modeller to run and analyse simulations.

The workshop supported the wider Civil Engineering course which is delivered by the School of Engineering and the Built Environment at Birmingham City University. It gave students the opportunity to gain experience in the UK’s leading flood modelling package, taught by an expert user of the software.

Dr. Vasiliki Ioannidou, Lecturer in the School of Engineering & the Built Environment commented: “the students found your presentation very stimulating and interesting and that this industrial touch enthused them a lot. The students noted they could see the link between taught material and the industrial relevance of it”.

This session was provided as part of a wider range of support and material that is available to universities to help them to introduce and to teach Flood Modeller to students.

For larger and more complex models that require the Standard or Professional editions of Flood Modeller, we offer an academic package.

For further information, please contact Alastair Sheppard.


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