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The software of choice for universities across the globe

From Singapore to Europe to the United States, universities worldwide have embedded Flood Modeller as part of their curriculum.

Since the launch of Flood Modeller 5.0 in 2020, which introduced new academic licensing options, 34 universities in 11 different countries have adopted Jacobs’ industry-leading flood modelling software across their courses.

Working with universities and giving them the opportunity to teach their students how to use commercial modelling software as part of their courses means future graduates gain essential skills to give them a head start when beginning their career.

Reza Ahmadian, Senior Lecturer and Head of International Engagement at Cardiff University commented “Having access to Flood Modeller gives our students an excellent opportunity to work with state-of-the-art commercial flood modelling software, which both enhance their education and future opportunities.”

Dr Elizabeth Follett, Royal Academy of Engineering-Sêr Cymru Research Fellow at Cardiff University commented “The Flood Modeller academic licensing has been very helpful for the Hydro-Environmental Research Centre at Cardiff University in developing student research projects, especially for undergraduate and master’s students who are highly interested in developing industry related skills alongside academic research".

Dr Andrew Lowe, Lecturer at University of Manchester, also commented "Flood Modeller software is central to our teaching of hydrological and hydraulic modelling as part of our MSc in ‘Pollution and Environmental Control’ at the University of Manchester. An annual educational licence provided by Jacobs allows 100+ postgraduate students to learn advanced 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling to examine the movement of water along rivers and on floodplains and in and around complex hydraulic structures. Its intuitive GIS interface allows students to easily visualise their models and its extensive toolbox lets them produce model output quickly. Our students also apply the 1D urban modelling capabilities of Flood Modeller to build and run urban drainage models. Students also learn how to integrate the 1D urban solver with Flood Modeller’s 2D solver to model surface water flow to help provide sustainable flood risk solutions for cities".

Learning industry skills whilst at university is invaluable for future graduates. It enables them to enter the job market with practical assets that appeal to prospective employers. Flood Modeller has been supporting universities for many years and we strongly believe that investing in education is key to building a stronger entry-level workforce for the future of flood modelling.


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