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Empowering future generations | Flood Modeller, a key teaching tool at the University of Manchester

By Dr Andrew Lowe, Senior Lecturer, Course Director MPEC Online,

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The University of Manchester

Flood Modeller is central to our MSc program in ‘Pollution and Environmental Control’ (MPEC) at the University of Manchester.

Thanks to an annual academic licence from Jacobs, over 100 postgraduate students gain expertise in hydrological modelling and advanced 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling. MSc students use Flood Modeller to investigate fluvial and pluvial flood risk both in the UK and internationally. Its intuitive GIS interface allows students to easily visualise their models and its extensive toolbox lets them produce model output quickly. Students build and simulate urban drainage models using Flood Modeller's 1D urban modelling capabilities. Additionally, students learn to integrate the 1D urban solver with Flood Modeller’s 2D solver for surface water flow modelling, contributing to sustainable flood risk solutions for cities. 

Stusent working at Crowden Great Brook Catchment, Peak District

The academic licence and Flood Modeller’s 2D solver enable MSc students to research the benefits of Natural Flood Management in small Peak District catchments, reducing downstream flood risk. The 2D solver is used in projects predicting runoff and aquatic organic carbon flux (greenhouse gas flux) in an upland peat catchment in the Peak District as climate warms (Figure 1).

Recent student research explores nature-based solutions' effectiveness in mitigating pluvial flood risk in cities like Greater Manchester and London.

Beyond the UK, Flood Modeller supports an MSc student assessing flood risk and economic damage in Bojonegoro City, East Java, Indonesia. Figure 1: Crowden Great Brook Catchment, Peak District


Jacobs supports student learning by providing a range of ‘Getting Started’ guides, webinars, and example data sets. Industry experts from Jacobs contribute on-campus guest lectures, re-enforcing theory and demonstrating the capabilities of Flood Modeller using real-world examples. Students gaining Flood Modeller skills increase their employability as flood risk specialists in the water industry.

Former student and now Graduate Hydraulic Modeller at Jacobs, Frances Fowden, says,

“Having the opportunity to use Flood Modeller in my master's degree provided me with knowledge and skills I have carried over into my professional career. Moreover, I believe having first-hand experience with Flood Modeller made me stand out to employers and helped me secure my dream postgraduate job.”

For more information about the courses available at the University of Manchester:

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Interested to find out more about Flood Modeller's academic licences?

The academic licensing plan provides your institution with two cost-effective licensing options. Details are available here.


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