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Fed up with long simulation runtimes monopolising your licences?

With models becoming larger and more detailed, simulation runtimes can increase significantly and prevent users from accessing their licences for other modelling activities.

Flood Modeller now offers a Run edition licence which is a “headless” version of the software, allowing users to make the most of their “full” licences, reduce costs, and accelerate project delivery.

Day-to-day, modellers can use Professional or Unlimited edition licences to build models and then run their compute-intensive simulations with a dedicated Run edition licence. Hence, freeing up the full, more expensive, licences for building other models or post-processing results. With no interruption for the simulation phase of the process, the full licences remain available for the purpose they are meant for.

As well as not disrupting model-build activities, Run edition licences also enable more simulations to be run as you are no longer tied to the number of concurrent simulations each edition of the software is restricted to.

Available for £95/month, Run edition licences do not restrict the size of model you can run and are ideal for a wide-range of projects.

For options appraisals, they allow more scenarios to be assessed, enabling better design and more effective flood defences to be developed.

When undertaking catchment scale modelling, they enable you to undertake greater analysis faster, improve calibration, and gain a better understanding of uncertainty.

In flood forecasting systems, which typically run simulations using the Delft-FEWS adapter, Run edition licences make the process more affordable and allow for increased scalability of the systems.

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“JBA Consulting are evaluating flood storage options for the 10,000km2 Thames catchment.  We run a Flood Modeller catchment model with 1,000-year synthetic hourly flow series to calculate damages for each scenario. Multiple combinations of 18 storage areas mean hundreds of these simulations are necessary.  This is only possible with access to 10 Flood Modeller Run edition licences, enabling us to run simulations on multiple machines at the same time and avoiding the cost of purchasing full Unlimited edition licences. This has saved us 60% in costs and enabled us to reduce programme delivery by many months. The licences have been stable and reliable running >300 1,000-year simulations.”

Paul Wass, Technical Director at JBA Consulting

Learn how to set up the Flood Modeller Python API to start simulations using Run edition licences.


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