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NEW | Scale up your modelling with the new Run licence to increase the number of concurrent simulations available across your entire organisation.

Options appraisal

Fast and accurate modelling

Appraise and compare the benefits and costs of each option using a wide range of features within Flood Modeller. Its automation tools allow you to streamline the model build process and prepare model runs, making it even easier to assess the various options available to you.

A wide-range of automation tools are available to streamline the model build process, including the Python API

The GPU-enabled 2D solver enables users to run large, detailed models in minutes instead

of days

Flood Modeller’s Simulation Builder and Batch Runner allow you to quickly set up multiple model runs using your existing software licences and computing resources

The Damage Calculator tool helps you quickly appraise the benefits and costs of each option

Reducing the time and effort it takes to develop and run models, and process model results, provides you with more time to focus on option development and communicating modelling outputs with clients and stakeholders

Watch how it's done

Streamline your processes

The GIS user interface and model building tools automate much of the model build process. The simulation builder helps you to quickly set up a series of runs using different model configurations and event data. The Batch Runner enables you to automate the running of multiple simulations and the GIS tools streamline the process of creating flood maps.​

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