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Enabling greater resilience with our cloud-based licensing

Earlier this year, we announced that Flood Modeller’s cloud-based licensing would be our default deployment option for all licences moving forward due to the wide range of additional benefits it brings, including greater resilience across an organisation's IT infrastructure.

As expected, Flood Modeller’s cloud-based licensing provides all the functionality our existing network licensing offers, including:

  • Multi-user access to the software, across any machine

  • Access to additional features, such as Hydrology+

  • Enhanced deployment options, including virtual machines

However, it also provides many other benefits, including:

  • Managed licence updates

  • Server migration and maintenance options

  • Greater resilience across your IT infrastructure

In this article, we highlight the additional benefits our cloud-based licensing brings, over our traditional network licensing, in a little more detail.

Managed licence updates

Our cloud-based licensing allows us to deploy all of your licence updates on your behalf, removing the administrative burden and need for internal IT support.

Whether it’s an annual update following your support and maintenance renewal, temporary upgrade to one of your licences or the inclusion of new products such as WINFAP or ReFH2, we can apply all of these updates remotely and usually within just a couple of hours, reducing any potential downtime in the use of the software.

Server migration and maintenance options

Another benefit of our cloud-based licensing is the ability to independently migrate your Flood Modeller licence from one server to another during a scheduled maintenance period. You no longer need to request support from Jacobs, create new containers or align calendars to ensure you experience no downtime.

Should the server or Microsoft apply an unwanted update, taking your software offline, it’s also extremely quick and easy to troubleshoot the issues and undertake maintenance to resolve the problem, including reinstallation of the licence to get your software up and running.

Greater resilience

Finally, and most significantly, our cloud-based licensing provides greater resilience across your organisation as you are able to deploy your Flood Modeller licences across two separate servers, without having to split your licence portfolio in half.

This means if one of your servers was to go offline or was scheduled to be updated, you would still be able to access 100% of your licences without any impact at all.

For smaller organisations, the benefit is that you can bypass the company server altogether and connect two separate machines directly to our Licensing Cloud, removing any potential company server failures.

Diagram showing the cloud-based licensing structure for smaller organisations

What next?

If you’re currently using a standalone licence, you can upgrade to a cloud-based licence and access all of the benefits detailed above for a one-off licence fee.

If you’re currently using our legacy network licensing, you can migrate to our cloud-based licensing at no additional cost.

Please contact Alastair Sheppard on 0203 980 2407 to discuss either option in more detail.


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