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University of Manchester incorporates Flood Modeller

Last month, Adam Parkes and Liam Durr spent a day at the University of Manchester to introduce 80 Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction students to flood modelling using Flood Modeller. Adam and Liam spent the morning introducing students to 1D, 2D and 3D flood modelling, followed by an overview of the software.

The students were then able to get hands-on experience using Flood Modeller in the afternoon working through a series of practical exercises where they used Flood Modeller to run and analyse model simulations.

This teaching session supports the wider Environmental Monitoring and Modelling in Practice course at the University of Manchester and allows students the opportunity to gain experience in the UK’s leading commercial flood modelling software package Flood Modeller, taught by expert users of the software.

This session was provided as part of a wider range of support and material that is available to Universities by the Flood Modeller team, free of charge, to help them to introduce and to teach Flood Modeller to students. These include:

  • Introductory modelling guides

  • Training materials and other learning resources

  • PowerPoint presentations, including practical exercises

  • e-Learning material, including online tutorial videos

  • Training sessions at your university to help introduce the software to students

Get started today - all you need to do is download Flood Modeller from our website to get started!

For larger and more complex models that require Flood Modeller Standard or Professional, we also offer an academic package. For further details on this and to find out how to obtain this material, please contact the Flood Modeller training team.


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