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Scale up your modelling for less with our new Run licence!

The latest update to Jacobs’ industry-leading flood modelling software, Flood Modeller 6.2, was released in June and provides a series of new features and enhancements, in addition to an updated licensing structure.

Flood Modeller 6.2 now provides a Run edition licence which complements the existing Lite, Standard, Professional and Unlimited editions of the software and allows you to scale up your modelling for less.

Available for just £95 per month on an annual basis, Run edition licences enable you to increase the number of concurrent simulations available across your entire organisation, allowing you to undertake compute intensive projects more effectively. No longer do you need to run your simulations back-to-back and wait days for the results!

Each Run licence provides one additional concurrent simulation, allowing you to run models of any node or cell count. They are not tied to a particular user or Flood Modeller licence, which means they also enable additional users to run simulations, leaving your full licence(s) free for those building, editing, and reviewing models.

Run licences can be used from directly within the interface of an existing ‘full’ licence, allowing you to increase the number of concurrent simulations available for that particular licence, or independently of the software altogether using the Python API.

If you would like to learn more about our new Run licence and how it can benefit your organisation, contact us today.


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