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Introducing Flood Modeller 6.2

It's product update time! Jacobs’ industry-leading flood modelling, mapping and real-time forecasting software, Flood Modeller 6.2, is now available to download.

The latest release has been specifically developed with the goal of making you more productive and efficient in serving your clients, whilst removing the need for third-party software.

New Run licence options

Our amazing new run licence capabilities enable you to seamlessly scale up the number of simulations you can run concurrently across your entire licence portfolio, allowing you to undertake larger, more-detailed, and compute-intensive analysis.

New logical rule options

Our existing logical control rules have been further enhanced to incorporate ALSO and ELSE functions, allowing you to better represent complex operational scenarios when modelling open channels.

New Z-mod tool

Our new Z-mod tool allows you to improve model stability and represent proposed developments, but also represent proposed developments or defences with greater accuracy, by adjusting 2D topography with spatially varying elevations.

New 2D plotting tools

Our results plotting tools have been rebuilt to provide insights from 2D results and generate report-ready charts. You can also compare results from multiple simulations within a single chart.

Want to dig deeper?

You can read the full release notes by visiting our Knowledge Base or register for our release webinar where you can hear first-hand from Dr. Bob Potter, Development Manager for Flood Modeller.


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