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What's new in Flood Modeller 6.2

Wednesday 14th June at 12:00 BST

It's product update time! This 45 minute webinar will showcase the exciting new features available in Flood Modeller 6.2. The latest release has been specifically developed with the goal of making you more productive and efficient in serving your clients 

Our presenter

Bob Potter, Development Manager - Flood Modeller

Bob has been involved with the Flood Modeller team for over 20 years. He joined with an engineering PhD that specialised in hydraulic processes and initially contributed to the development of new solver and user interface features. He has since progressed to the role of technical lead and is responsible for the development and delivery of new versions of the software and the management of the Flood Modeller development team. In addition, Bob has also delivered various Flood Modeller training courses and webinars, developed training materials and assisted with front line support.

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