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When data changes lives

As flood risk professionals, we use a range of data to understand and mitigate flood risk to protect assets and lives. The outcomes of this work go beyond analysing and interpreting data to feed into options, designs, and solutions to prevent flooding. The ripple effects impact people’s everyday lives and generate growth today and into the future.

In our latest webinar, Lee Pitcher, Director of Water and Environment for Europe at Jacobs, illustrated how in Hull and East Riding, through the Living with Water programme, stakeholders have been working together to manage flood risk by implementing nature-based solutions, educating and involving the local communities, and even opening a flood risk university course to remediate skill shortages in the industry.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the wonderful initiative carried out in Yorkshire:

Whether you’re a STEAM Ambassador or you want to use your knowledge to help your community and educate people about flood resilience, here are some resources you can tap into:

For children - scout badges/materials - Living with Water Badge Resources | Living With Water


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