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What’s the most cost-effective licensing option for my project?

We provide four editions of Flood Modeller; Lite, Standard, Professional and Unlimited - all of which offer integrated modelling capabilities allowing you to confidently model rivers, sewers, overland flows, and rainfall-runoff.

The main difference is the size of model you can build and run. The Lite edition is perfect for site specific studies, such as flood risk assessments, whereas the Professional edition is best for large scale catchment analysis.

But… what’s the most cost-effective licensing option for my project?

As Flood Modeller is available on a monthly, annual or lifetime basis, it allows you to develop longer term in-house modelling capabilities or deliver a one-off project in a cost-effective way.

Flood Modeller licensing options

Monthly subscription licence

Our monthly subscriptions are provided using our cloud-based licensing, which allows us to deploy the software quickly. It also allows multiple people to use the software on their machines, providing the licence is not already in use.

If you have a one-off project or are unlikely to need the software for more than 4 months across a 12-month period, this is the most cost-effective solution for your project as the Lite edition is available from £398 per month.

Annual subscription licence

We reduced the cost of our annual subscription considerably at the beginning of the year, making this the most popular licensing option in 2023. The Lite edition is now available from just £150 per month or £1,800 per year which is equivalent to a 4-month rental licence!

As with monthly subscriptions, we provide cloud-based licensing for all our annual subscriptions, which provides users with greater flexibility. They also include technical support for the duration of the contract at no additional cost.

Lifetime licence

For users looking to develop in-house capabilities and use the software for at least 2 years, we recommend a lifetime licence.

With lifetime licences, you pay a one-off licence fee (from £3,180) which gives you lifetime access to the software. The only recurring, but optional, fee thereafter is annual support and maintenance (£556) which provides you with access to our dedicated support team, in addition to all the software updates during the term of your contract.

Lifetime licences are available as standalone or cloud configurations, which makes them perfect for single users or larger organisations with multiple offices and users.

For further information on our licensing options, or to discuss your licensing requirements, please email: or call a member of our team: +44 (0)845 094 7990.


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