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How to globally edit river-bed elevation

For this month’s tip, we highlight one of our many global edit tools available within Flood Modeller which allows you to save time and accelerate project delivery.

Editing river-bed elevation in multiple river section nodes can be useful in numerous cases such as removing water surface and bring down the bed level in sections derived from LiDAR or adjusting bed levels in a design channel to match an updated value. It can also be used for dredging scenarios or for channel conveyance sensitivity analysis.

Before you start, you need to define a left and right special marker for each of the river section nodes to be adjusted. The edit can be specified to occur in between the left and right markers, outside of the left and right markers, or both.

To edit the river-bed elevation:

  1. Select one or multiple nodes to edit within your river network. Note that the tool will only affect river section nodes with special markers defined and ignore any others.

  2. In the 1D River Network table, right-click and navigate to Model Build > Adjust cross section elevations. The editor will open in a new window.

  3. Select a modification and the associated value to apply, e.g. Multiply by Factor with a value of 2.0 to double the current values; Change to Set Value with a value of 8 to adjust the current values to 8.

  4. Uncheck the box titled Where value equals. This action will cause the field underneath to also become disabled (greyed out).

  5. Select where the modification should apply. In Bank refers to in between the left and right special markers. Out of Bank refers to outside the special markers. The option both will adjust the entire cross-section elevation, ignoring the left and right special markers defined. The modification will not apply in a river section that does not have a left and right special marker defined.

  6. Click OK to make the modification.

  7. A pop-up window will confirm the number of nodes edited and the total number of edits made.

  8. Don’t forget to save your river network after making changes.

For further information on how to edit river-bed elevation, review the manual or contact our dedicated technical support team.

Watch how it’s done!


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