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Why upgrade to Flood Modeller 6.0 and above?

Are you still using Flood Modeller 5.1 or earlier? By not upgrading to our latest licensing, you are missing out on so many new features and enhancements. Upgrade now to start making the most of your licences!

Run large, detailed models in hours instead of days

With the GPU-enabled 2D solver available in the Professional and Unlimited editions of Flood Modeller, you can run large models faster than ever before. Model grid size is no longer a limiting factor, run multiple simulations for very large and/or highly detailed models in just minutes or hours instead of days.

In our benchmarking test, a 1,000,000-cell model on the GPU took less than 3% of the time (15.2 mins) it took to run it on the CPU (12 hours)!

Build larger, highly accurate river, urban drainage, and surface water models

The changes in version 6.0 mean all four editions of the software now include the 1D urban solver as well as the 1D river and 2D solver(s), allowing you to accurately model multiple sources of flooding, better understand flood risk and make more informed decisions all within Flood Modeller.

Undertake compute-intensive projects more effectively

With the introduction of the Run licence as part of v6.2, you are no longer constrained by the number of concurrent instances available within each edition. Run back-to-back simulations using our new Run licences, leaving your full licence(s) free for those building, editing, and reviewing models.

Access enhanced 2D modelling capabilities

The enhancements included as part of the latest versions of the software allow you to take your 2D capabilities to the next level and accelerate your project delivery. You get up to 300% more 2D cells in our Lite, Standard and Professional editions, streamlined access to 2D results and the ability to process multiple results at once.

Coming soon – Hydrology+

Flood Modeller 7.0 will introduce the integration of hydrological and hydraulic disciplines and workflows. It will bring much greater flexibility and time savings for both hydrologists and hydraulic modellers. Watch this space!

Simply better value!

The cost of our annual subscription licence went down with the release of v6.1, meaning you can get access to more for less.

By upgrading to the latest versions of the software, you simply get more features and enhancements at no extra cost.

Worried about backward compatibility?

Read our article to find out how newer versions of the software are designed with backward compatibility in mind.

Ready to upgrade?

Contact our support team to arrange your free upgrade.


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