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Five reasons why you need a ticket to Flood Modeller 2023

It’s been almost four years, but the premier flood modelling event of the year is back with a new, extended two-day format filled with inspiring talks from industry leaders and the latest tools and innovations. You won’t want to miss this long-awaited, in-person event. Not only will you get the latest insights and lessons live, but you’ll also be the first to hear our big announcement. Here are five more reasons to sign up before the 150 tickets run out.

#1 - You will network with all the right people Connect with industry leaders. Engage with like-minded peers on the most important topics. Create new opportunities to collaborate. The networking opportunities are almost endless, and you’ll be part of the select few shaping the future of flood modelling.

#2 - Discover how to accelerate your project delivery with the latest features

We’ll be sharing our exclusive Flood Modeller roadmap with you and highlighting all the latest feature updates in Versions 6.2 and 7.0. More importantly, we’ll show you how to apply them to save time and upgrade delivery – you won’t find this anywhere else.

#3 - Use leading industry case studies to deliver better results Find inspiration from peers as they share how they delivered efficiencies and enabled innovation using Flood Modeller. That’s not all: you’ll also learn how to solve the most common modelling challenges and get to ask the senior developers and subject matter experts any questions you want or raise specific queries. The bottom line: you’ll be empowered to unlock greater efficiencies in your own projects.

#4 - Unlock automation with APIs and leverage the latest industry developments An elite list of companies and key players is involved, including the Environment Agency, Wallingford HydroSolutions, AECOM, JBA Consulting, Mott MacDonald, Stantec, Tobin Consulting, and more. We’ll be investigating all the latest trends and challenges along with the latest data science and automation innovations. Best of all, we’ll show you how to unlock automation with the Flood Modeller API – you’ll drive higher performance for less effort.

#5 - You’ll be the first to witness the launch of the future of integrated modelling

It’s arguably the biggest news in flood modelling in the last five years, and you’ll be there to see it unfold first-hand. We can’t share any more details on our big announcement, but we can say this: Hydrology for flood modelling will experience a step change in the industry, and you’ll be able to unlock much greater efficiencies in your modelling.

Ready to unlock better results?

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