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Attending Florida’s FMA conference? Come find us!

We are thrilled to be supporting the Floodplain Managers Association conference, where we will exhibit and present on April 7-10 in Orlando, Florida.

The Florida Floodplain Managers Association is a diverse group of professionals whose mission is to provide leadership in floodplain management to reduce risk and loss caused by flood. For information on the event, visit the conference website.

The theme for the 2020 conference is ‘working universally to stop flooding’. Swamy Pati, Senior Water Resources Engineer, will present how smart flood risk modelling tools (Flood Modeller) and cloud computing (Flood Cloud) can deliver rapid assessment of preliminary flood inundation maps and flood risk appraisals.

Flood Modeller’s FAST solver has been applied throughout Florida on projects such as the watershed evaluation for Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Watershed Management Program. The solver enables rapid assessments of flooding, providing results up to 1,000 times quicker than traditional 2D solvers.

Come and find out how we’re transforming the way you undertake flood modeling using the cloud. Our award-winning Flood Cloud platform helps you to deliver modelling projects faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

To arrange a demo of our software at the conference, please contact Alastair Sheppard.


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