Academic licensing

Learn how to use industry-leading software before you start your career

Our academic licensing plan provides your institution with two cost-effective licensing options.


Choose a lifetime standalone licence, with Flood Modeller deployable to any computer through a pre-loaded USB dongle. Just pay once for lifetime access to the software, and receive a 50% academic discount on your purchase.


Alternatively, select our annual network licence option, install the software on your university network and give access to up to 30 students. This entirely removes the need for dongles and gives you full access to the Standard edition of the software – at entirely no cost.

The Standard edition of Flood Modeller provides access to 400 1D nodes and 400,000 2D cells – ideal for small scale catchment analysis.


The network license can be renewed annually at no cost, providing the licence is extended before it expires.


Support and Maintenance is optional but highly recommended – it provides you with access to our team of experts and regular updates to the software.

In order to proceed with an academic licence, ask a member of teaching staff to contact us to discuss the potential licensing options.

Standalone licence
Networked licence
Licence fee
From £1,250
Support and maintenance
From £187 (optional)
£900 (optional)
Concurrent users
USB (any machine)
Virtual (university network)
Licence term
Terms and conditions
Academic purposes only
Academic purposes only