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Access the latest hydrological techniques

Building on last year’s enhancements, which provided an expanded range of globally recognised hydrological approaches, we are excited to announce even more hydrological capabilities will be provided as part of Flood Modeller 5.1. These new features will provide you with even greater flexibility, allowing you to accurately represent water entering and leaving your models.

Flood Modeller 5.1 provides a brand-new hydrology tab with a number of new options and features:

Revitalised Flood Hydrograph (ReFH 2.3)

The ReFH hydrological method has been updated within Flood Modeller to include the latest release, version 2.3. In addition to the revised methodology, it also gives users access to a range of new features, such as climate change factor modelling.

Flood Studies Update (FSU)

Access extreme rainfall and flood estimation data at both gauged and ungauged locations throughout Ireland. In addition to the generic “free” format, you now have the option to take outputs from the FSU hydrological data portal to use directly within Flood Modeller.

Flow time series

When running your 1D open channel simulations in Flood Modeller 5.1, you will have access to additional options to incorporate flow time series data. This can now be read directly from a CSV data file and included in your simulation, giving you a range of different storm events and locations to pick from at runtime.

Alternative hydrological boundaries parameters

You can now detail alternative storm durations, return period settings and scale factors in your 1D river simulation file. These can then be applied to any hydrological boundaries in your network. This will make it more efficient to set up and run a range of different scenarios as you won’t need to produce separate event data files for each return periods, etc.

Want to learn more?

To find out more about Flood Modeller’s boundary capabilities, including the latest ReFH2.3 and FSU hydrological techniques, watch our recent webinar.


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