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Get more with a network licence

Flood Modeller offers various licensing options, including short-term rentals, annual subscriptions as well as perpetual licences.

Each of these options are available as a standalone licence, however our networked licencing solution provides even greater flexibility, allows you to cut licensing costs and reduces the administrative burden across your organisation.

✔️ Lower insurance costs – work on a more secure platform, removing the need for a dongle

✔️ No IT limitations – easily install the software on a virtual or cloud-based environment

✔️ Optimised deployment of licences – cut future licensing costs whilst training more users

✔️ Greater flexibility – model large catchments or undertake compute-intensive projects

✔️ Global access – no restrictions on who and where the licence can be used

✔️ Streamlined licence management – reduce the administrative burden

Network licences are perfect for users that are based in different offices or for those who work from home or on site regularly, as they provide instant access to Flood Modeller from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, network licences can consist of both Standard and Professional edition licences. This allows users modelling site specific studies, or those learning how to use the software, to utilise the Standard edition, whereas those modelling entire catchments can benefit from the Professional edition.

Organisations that are already using a standalone licence can seamlessly upgrade their software to a network licence. We’ll also provide a two-week transition period which will allow you to install and test your software to ensure you don’t experience any downtime.

For further information on the benefits of network licences, or to discuss your licensing requirements, please email: or call a member of our team: +44 (0)845 094 7990.


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