Case Studies

Discover how our users have applied Flood Modeller across the world


2D modelling of urban flooding,
Dubai, UAE

A flood risk assessment for the EXPO 2020 rapid transit rail system extension involving integrated hydrologic analysis with detailed 2D hydraulic modelling of the urban areas. Flood Modeller was chosen due to its ability to accurately model complex flows in urban environments.


Complex structures and operational rules, Somerset Levels, England

A catchment scale study with over 270 km of embankments, 40 separate pumps, and long duration flood events. Flood Modeller was selected due its ability to model complex structures and their operational control and the robustness of its solvers.


Dam-breach modelling for the Lane City Reservoir, USA

Flood Modeller's 2D TVD solver was used to undertake dam-breach modelling of the Lane City Reservoir dam. It allowed complex hydraulics of steep changes in velocity and water level to be calculated more accurately.


Developing a national surface water flood map, Scotland

Flood Modeller’s 2D FAST solver was used to produce the national surface water flood map for Scotland (total area: 78,000 The speed of the 2D FAST solver enabled each rainfall scenario, for the whole of Scotland, to be completed in less than 48 hours.


Integrated 1D-2D modelling of the Parramatta River, Australia

Flood Modeller's 1D and 2D ADI solvers have been applied to simulate combined fluvial and direct rainfall flooding in a sub-catchment of the Parramatta River in Sydney. They were selected for their speed and stability.


Integrated catchment modelling, Colorado, USA

An integrated catchment study for the Little Shooks Run drainage basin within the City of Colorado Springs. A linked Flood Modeller - SWMM model was used to identify areas at risk of flooding once the subsurface drainage system exceeded capacity.


Inundation flood mapping for the city of Boston, USA

Flood Modeller's 2D FAST solver was used to map forecasted precipitation, sea level rise, storm surge and river dynamics in and around Boston for the present and future years. It was chosen due to its versatility and rapid computing time.


Keadby pumping station appraisal, England

Flood Cloud enabled more than 100 simulations to be completed in two days instead of 70 days. This significant saving enabled the modellers to build more precise models with better and more accurate calibration and investigate more scenarios to gain greater confidence in their design solution.


Newton Stewart flood defence scheme, Scotland

Flood Cloud enabled more than 300 Flood Modeller simulations (1D-2D linked model) to be completed in just a few hours. Processing time was reduced from 31 days to 2.5 hours, significantly reducing the programme and cut costs for the project.


Pluvial flood risk modelling, Fingal and East Meath, Ireland

Flood Modeller's 2D FAST solver was used as part of Fingal East Meath Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study to provide a rapid assessment of potential locations where pluvial flooding may occur.

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