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Quantifying Residual Uncertainty in modelling

In this webinar, Adam Parkes, Associate Director - Hydrology at Jacobs discusses how hydraulic models are an essential tool when developing flood management schemes, informing many key aspects of design.

No matter how much work is undertaken, however many simulations run, there will always remain inherent uncertainties in results. Understanding this uncertainty is important to ensure flood defences perform as needed during a flood, giving confidence to operators and the community.

Our presenter

Adam Parkes, Associate Director - Hydrology, Jacobs

Adam is a chartered scientist with over 17 years' experience in hydrology and hydraulic modelling, working across a broad range of flood risk and water management projects.  He provides technical leadership for flood risk management projects, including mapping, appraisal and scheme design, alongside a wide range of related projects, including asset inspection, reservoir design, urban flooding, data capture and management.

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